Monday, February 25, 2008

Friend List Dumpr: I Just Got Dumped Me Butterknife!

It was a nice day, can't remember what day it was but I know it was nice because I jumped online happy, content and totally cheerful. Not an easy feat for me on a regular basis. Usually I have to have plenty of coffee. Come to think about it I was on vacation at the time. It was probably the day before Valentines day. HAH! That's why I was happy.
So I jump online, just as Rigid got home from work. A quick kiss hello and he was off to his room. Usually he gets home, changes out of his work clothes and does whatever. This time, he didn't even do that he just jumped on as soon as I did....
Here's the problem. This guy named DJ Scotty (scotty, scott or whatever) had been sending me invite after invite for the last two or three nights prior, but I was sharing Rigid's box and thus got to know his friends really well. (Not much choice there.) So after having let him know I'd be on with Rigids friends I simply ignored the rest of the invites. It seems like a waste of time to send message after message yet I understand... I mean, I have such a wonderful personallity, so full of cheer and wow...what a great gamer I am with unbelievable scores one could only dream of. Or NOT.
On the days when I do get to play I spend them catching up with friends, jumping into two or three other rooms with completely different groups of friends. It's hard to catch up like that when you spend so much time away. Everyone creates their own special little groups. What used to be you and a few other regulars turns into something else entirely so you end up being the one that goes to other peoples rooms all the time and not the other way around anymore. Plus, I don't have time to host anymore. I never know whether I'll be on all night or for an hour...
Back to the story. The minute my gamertag was signed on...the millisecond it confirmed I was online I got yet another invite from scotty. My friends list hadn't even had time to fully log on, that's how fast I got that invite. So I jumped on intending on playing one or two games with the guy because I felt guilty about ignoring the invites. (Remember, I did message him to let him know I'd be on with Rigid and his friends. I think that was fair.) Of course, the second I joined his room I'd barely had a chance to say hi to the guy because Rigid sent me an invite. The problem with that is that those rooms fill up fast as we love to play hardcore and most importantly, I want to play with my husband and my husband wants to play with people he knows. His friends.
I quickly stuttered out my apologies and tried to explain that Rigid just jumped on and sent an invite and that I had to leave, but before I had the chance to say I would definitely play with him later if he was still one I accidentaly left the room cutting myself off. I felt really awful, but I instantly joined Rigid and his friends and got ready to send the poor guy an apology.
I explained myself, apologized and pretty much left it at that. To be honest I can't even remember where I met the guy and I have no clue who he is. We meet a lot of people on a daily basis, some of us do at least, and to be quite honest I simply can't remember everyone that's on my friends list. The one thing I do try to always do is treat my friends with respect and that's why I sent the message. No sooner that I pressed the send button did I get a message from scotty. He was not a happy DJ. Apparently I should have invited my husband to play in his room instead and since I'm always ignoring his invites and we never play together decided to tell me that he would just remove me from his list. His message wasn't all that nice, but I don't think he cursed AT me or anything. I honestly can't remember. I just sat there and fumed. No matter what, I did let him know before that I would be playing with my husband and that day when I joined I did apologize.
Don't get me wrong, if you have someone on your friends list that doesn't play with you anymore REMOVE THE FUCKER it needs no explanation and I'm pretty sure they'll know why and if they don't like it tough shit. Taking the time to complain that someone should just invite their friends into their room and do what they want to do just because their anus swelled up so big that they think everyone should do what they want is just taking the piss. Then to take some more of your very precious time to shit on someone and remove them from your list after shitting on them is just fucking plain it's called being a pussy.
The only other thing that I hate more than girls whining, "HI EVERYBODY, MY HUSBANDS NOT LICKING MY TWAT ANYMORE!" in the highest and loudest pitch known to man, dogs and cats alike while playing is a pussy of a guy shitting on other people for not joining their room when they want them to.
Tuna Tip:
I always TRY to, I emphasise try because I don't
always or rather can't always, let someone know that they're welcome to join my
room (if there's room) or I will catch them later if they have room later. Of
course, there are days when I'm in the middle of a game and I'm not about to
start a message because I'm on a damn good streak and will ruin it for no one,
not even my own husband. Just because someone doesn't reply to you or join your
game, because they're not at your beck and call, doesn't mean they don't like
you or don't want to play with you EVER AGAIN.
On COD4 we can all see when were in the middle of a game.
Don't expect someone to leave that game for you. You're not that special and I
say that because I say that to myself whenever I don't get a reply which is
often becuase I'm one of the few people that will bother with a reply if I can't
make it.
I guess I'm lucky I have the friends I do because I never have to worry. I know that we love and respect each other as gamers and if we don't play for months we'll still be there for each other in the end. My real friends have stuck with me through thick and thin and that's the only thing that matters. And that's whether or not they stay on my friends list. I don't need to feel like I have to be on someones XLive friends list to feel like they're a friend. Sorry for those of you that do.

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