Thursday, March 30, 2006

GameTap - Take a Tour

Why haven't I heard of GameTap? Or did someone tell me and I forgot? Sounds like a cool idea, but has anyone actually tried it?

Looks like you can get a two week free trial then pay 9.95/month thereafter. hmmm, Sounds like a nice idea, but how great could the gaming be? You need a broadband connected PC with 800 MHz Processor, 32 MB 3D Video Card, 256 MB RAM, and Windows 2000/XP. I don't know what freakin' video card I have???

They say they have over 400 GREAT games... I wanna try it! They've also added GameTap TV, a broadband network for video games. They'll feature tips and tricks, game info, game release dates and some other stuff they didn't mention but tell you you really need to know.

I'm not really sure how worth it the site would be though. So far I've seen a lot of titles on the list that you can find for free pretty much in any online arcade. At least stuff like Galaga & Defender. Still games like Bubble Bobble, Earthwork Jim, Ghost N Goblins and Phantasy Star I II III & IV. Really the only titles that catch my eye are the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Splincer Cell, Pandora's Tomorrow and the Tomb Raider Games... 'Course I own them all so what's the point.

Ah well, it sounded like a good idea at the time, but if any of you guys have tried it out please let me know. I'd be really interested to hear about it. :)

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