Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PS3 VS Halo3

An Analyst at KBC Securities in Tokyo is saying that the PS3's delay might prompt Microsoft to release Halo 3 as early as November 2006. Last year Bills Gates opened his fat trap and said Halo 3 would be ready for the PS3's spring launch. They quickly retracted that statement when they realized that would be impossible.

All I know is I don't want a choppy game. I want to enjoy the game from beginning to end and If that means a little delay so be it. I certainly hope that they wouldn't be silly enough to bring out the game too early in the hopes that it might thwart Sony's efforts. Right now the PS3's release date is scheduled for an early November worldwide release, if this does prompt an early Halo 3 release I doubt it will be enough to truly put a dent in consumer sales for the PS3. Still, they have to do something right?

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vi0l8r said...

Hey guess what's still the most played online game for console's???? Give up? HALO 2! I havn't seen anything on PS3 yet but even more importantly I havn't heard much in the way they will play games online. Live on the 360 is leagues beter than original XBOX and the 360 is just starting to show it's power with some of the latest releases G.R.A.W. FNR3 and Oblivion. Sony IMO has really dropped the ball since live was launched they have done nothing to even try to catch up to XBOX or the 360.