Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wish List Added

Woohoo, I added a wish list to the site for all the things I want and can probably never afford. I'll post a picture of the multi-million dollar mansion I've been wishing for later. For now you can check out a few of the little items on my wish list and see a few interesting videos on them. I'm starting to like all this video blogging crap. If only I could do my own videos.

Hopefully I'll be able to do that soon though. I'm going to put a PC on my wish list and work super hard to get it. I don't know whether I'll do a laptop or a desktop, but I've just got to do it. My current PC is ancient and dies on me about twice a year.

All sorts of things will be on that wish list. Everything from Video games (old and new), high tech gear, underwear, lovemaking items and loads loads more. I'm a Taurus... That means I'm materialistic and it's time I start showing it!!! YEAH! lmao

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