Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Oblivion Has Glitches

Oh shit, everyone and their grandmother has been reviewing Oblivion lately. Literally. All I've read are these amazing reviews from gamers who are in total awe of the game. I'm savvy though, you see. I've been waiting for the problems to arise and arise they have my friends. Oblivion is riddled with game ending glitches that will make your nut sacks drop faster than a cheap whore with herpes. You know how I know? Tim and his Grandma finally posted their review at OGHC.

So you see dear friends. I'm definately glad I haven't had the chance to buy the 360. It's killing me yes, but in this insanely mad rush to get this system out they've also rushed the games. I'm sure this won't be the last game to disapoint either. At what point are we going to stop tolerating this? We buy video games at full price only to basically buy a lemon of a video game. Our only option then is to return it and exchange it for another game... not at full price.

How would this video game making machine like it if we didn't "exchange" the games for discounts? How about people start demanding their money back from these companys who rush games out with glitches. Can you imagine what would happen if we started taking it seriously when people rip us off? Are we all really just a bunch of slackers? I guess so long as we continue to let people hose us then yes... yes we are.


Monkie said...

Perhaps it's just my cynical nature or maybe i'm just being a realist but i'd never buy a game this big & complex without expecting bugs/glitchs/game ending crashes.There are so many variables in a game like this that testers can't account for everything,if they did then the game would never see the light of day.
Yes these things can be annoying, but there ways around them,i combat it by using the gamesave option at regular intervals.
Also i've not encountered any problems with my game at all so far.

vi0l8r said...

I been playin for a week and like monkie use the save feature a bit. No problems with the game so far I would say DOA4 has more problems with the online problems i.e. lagtastic so oblivion is leaps and bounds above the early release titles plus kameo just released an update which now allows for online multiplayer and costumes to change into! Which imo adds more value to the game!