Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The PS3 Will Dissapoint Gamers

GameDays Forum - Articles Section - Why the PS3 launch will be disappointing for gamers: "Sony's 'anti-hype' has been deafening. If one is to believe everything one reads and hears, the PS3 will play the highest definition movies available, play games in 'true HD,' provide the best online gaming experience (for free!), all by Fall 2006. It also seems likely to be unavoidably expensive. Ken Kutaragi, President of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has actually said:
PS3 is 'for consumers to think to themselves �I will work more hours to buy one�. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else.'" by Asukara

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vi0l8r said...

Well I was definitely dissapointed with the PS3. After getting over the sticker shock I felt that sony isn't offering anything over what I have or will be getting for the 360. As a matter of fact after this year's E3 showing I am more inclined to get the nintendo Wii over the PS3. Not just because of the price difference but because of the games available difference. Plus after seeing sony kill off the boomerang controller and adopt motion sensitive tried and true sony controller.

Maharet said...

hmmm... what do you mean kill off the boomerang controller. you mean the bananna phone? lol you know. i like the controller from the Wii. i'm really thinking about getting it myself. The price of the PS3 is defentitly going to kill it for me. I doubt I'll be spending my money on that.

as it is it's bad enough I can't afford the 360 yet. it's killing me!!!