Monday, May 1, 2006

Maharet's Mobil Blog!!!!

Guys, I still haven't gotten my computer so far. Today is my first vacation day of the year. So I'm really happy and relaxed. I was trying to write my next installment for the Brood Blog, but I'm so happy I'm having trouble concentrating. Ah well, I'll get that going soon enough.

I wanted to let you all know to keep an eye out for the Mobil Blog (I SAID THE MOBIL BLOG!!!!) as I'll be updating that here and there throughout my vacation. Since I don't have a computer that will be a nice way to keep in touch with my online friends. Do check it out here and there... You know... 'Cause I'm soooo entertaining! LOL

Thanks much.

Oh.... and Rigid has COMPLETELY taken over Morrowind. He's advanced my character so much I have no idea what it's capable of anymore. He's never played an RPG but he just melded into that game... I HATE MY HUSBAND!!!! He's even better at RPG's than me.... muahahaha..... It was all part of my EVIL PLAN! You'll see.


Maharet's MoBlog!!!

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