Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Brood Blog: New Posts

It's taken me all day since I got to work at 6am to put this out between work and phone calls, but I've finally finished it. Do me the honor of reading it when you get the chance: Brood Blog: My Anus Doth Protest. I rate it M so please kids beware and mothers cover your kids ears.

I'd also like to mention a few other blogs that were posted to the site recently:

The Melting Snowball by Bluebear: This is in continuation to The Snowball Effect....In Full Effect so please be sure to show your support to GTP's Bluebear by checking it out.

Women, Hats & the National Anthem by TurboTatas: This article definately didn't get enough attention as far as I'm concerened. I may not have agreed with everything she had to say, but I thought it was a very provoking article.

You can leave your comments here or on the Brood Blog, either way they will be read and addressed.

I'd also like to quickly mention a few of my fav bloggers today. As per usual, Klunkk put out another great article and Djanae nearly had me in tears, Phorexia was very informative (though it made me sad that he didn't win his debate.) and last but not least AnEvilGirl gave me a chuckle with her entertaining messenger messages. A very strange idea, but hell. It may have worked.

God job everyone. And if you have any articles or blogs you'd think I'd be interested in please feel free to drop me a line. Sometimes it's hard to find good blogs out there. :)

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