Thursday, June 1, 2006

Maha's Photography

Just put up a boat load of new pic's up in the Gallery Slideshow. Please check them out and enjoy them. There are a few embarrassing pic's of me more towards the end. Also, you can see the captions some of them have if you click on the individual picture.

I just love this flickr slideshow thingy. I can't even remember how I got it onto my site!
Maha's Photography


Mogwai said...

I like the pic with all of the chili peppers. Good colors! I also liked the Dia De Los Muertos pics, especially the one of the pope skeleton thingy.

Maharet said...

aw! thanks mogwai. that's really nice of you. i really wish the peppers had come out less blurry, but what can you do with a 3 mp simple little point and shoot.

but yeah, i loved that skeleton one. i have it printed in my living room. it actually looks like an altar. LOL