Thursday, May 3, 2007

Drag and Drop from Flock!

neato. i can drag and drop my flickr pic's right into my gtp blog from my flock browser. heeeeee....dude, i fucking look like a retard in these glasses. lmao!

this is one of my co-workers. we were having an argument as to who the super sales assistant is. one day, my boss decided i was the best and drew me a giant orange star, told me not to tell her that he said he was the best and sent me on my way. so...i taped my super star to my computer. haha! of course, being the spoiled sport that she is she whined to him so he sent her her very own GOLD star. phff... he had the audacity to tell HER not to tell me that her star is gold and therefore above mine...pish... anyway, she decided to show off her gold stars. bitch.
actualy this was one of the most hysterical moments we've had at work. our boss decided we were so funny he should take us out to lunch. very cool.

i take pictures of my breakfast too. i'm special. :) *drooling*

why i take pictures of all the pieces of gum i leave lying around is beyond me....why i leave them lying around is beyond me... did i mention i pick my nose? lol

did i tell you guys about the cake story??? a while back i posted a blog about a horrible weekend i had. my car broke down, my other car got a flat, i spent too much money on my niece's b-day prezzies (i had over drafted my account by 300 bucks the day before), my niece's b-day cake melted because my brother in law decided it would be okay to leave it in a boiling hot car while he bought stuff for the party....and ....shit, i can't remember. anyway, the cake was melted on all sides and what's worse was that it was an ice cream cake. i tried my best to fix it. it was horrible! LOOK, you can still see where the poor rainbow cracked! nothing i could do about that! lol

anyway a friend just happened to bring this one by just because....

what a difference huh? LOL apparently his grandmother is a cake decorator. LOL such a simple cake, but it totally blows mine away AND it was delicious! :)

shit....i haven't finished reviewing my 8th exam. i got a crappy score, but it's still 13% higher than the first time i took it.

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