Monday, May 7, 2007

Google Goodness

Maha's Zone Saturday 7:19 am 4/28/07 I'm always looking for new and interesting ways to post to my blog. I like using the "blog this page" button on my Explorer browser. I like my blog options on my Flock browser as well. I LOVE blogging from Youtube and and Flickr, and my phone.

I have so much fun doing it. I'm a total dork. Now it looks like I can also blog directly from my Google spreadsheets page. It's like having a word document saved online. In fact I can download my word documents from my computer at work or at home. So far I haven't done that too much because I'll get into trouble at work. We don't want that now do we?

Anyway, one of the problems I have with blogger is the inability to easily add pictures to the page. everything has to be loaded or I have to have the URL and because everything that is uploaded to the post first stays at the bottom you have to take the time to figure out what order you want to load your pictures in if you actually want to tell a linear type of story., now I'm wondering if I can load pic's onto this and blog them....

The next thing I'll do is check my google notebook to see if I can blog that. I can already transfer my notebook to the spreadsheets so I'm happy about that. And yes,....I actually do use all these programs. *sigh* I'm a busy girl...

meh, never mind it sucks ass. i can't copy pic's from flickr or any other place other than my pomputer. pish.... good for jotting down thoughts though. phfff

Maha's Zone Saturday 7:19 am 4/28/07 Maha's Zone Saturday 7:19 am 4/28/07.....heee heee heeee. wtf am i doing. i should be studying!!!!! ARGH!!!


another neat feature. you can collaborate your word doc's with friends so they can create and edit as well. AND if you add comments to the page they don't seem to show up on the post so that's cool too. why am i interested in all of this??? i'm fucking bored. hooray. :) ugh....there's this guy that really annoys the hell out of me at work. he's this tiny little brown version of napolean and he's got the attitude to match. fucking midget. can't stand him.

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