Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sick Bastard Sent Me A Dirty Xbox Live Message

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this ASS (click above for ass's profile) is one of the reasons i won't be adding people from this site to my friends list unless i know who they are or they identify themselves.

i was sitting here after a long exam and decided to check my xbox messages and play a game or two. Segaman72 left me a text:

"hey babe, i don't want to sound out-of-line, but i was wondering if you were into cyber/diry talk...masturbating. i love gaming with you and i hope this question doesn't upset you. that is not all i'm about, but i really think you're sexy!"~Segaman72

anyone i've actually played with or is actually my friend knows that I'M FUCKING MARRIED. my husband was sitting here with me while i checked my messages. what the hell do you think went through his mind. even if he played it off the way he did i know he suspects that i'm fucking masturbating with strangers in my FUCKING LIVING ROOM.

how stupid do you have to be??? the insane thing is that i had my husband check his profile on GTP and he's standing there holding his fucking baby. YOU SICK FUCK! i hope you choke on your left nut!

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