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The Truth Behind Online Love

XBrood Live: The Truth Behind Online Love

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I just read an article about Online/Offline love. Those people make me sick. They're much too happy and you know it's all a lie. I'M NOT BITTER! I'm just saying...things aren't always what they seem to be. You meet in a videogame, not a bar or grocery store. You don't meet waiting in some post office line or fall in love with a co-worker. No, you have to fall in love with a fellow video gamer. A buddy you run around in a virtual reality type setting killing, smashing & fragging each other or others. You know it's love because you just can't play with anyone else. You just don't enjoy it. Then one day you realize your in love.

Maybe you've had your heart broken before (twice even) and decide that it's time for you to take a real chance on love. Maybe your tired of getting old by yourself. Sure your surrounded by people, but...somethings missing. Maybe you want a family and want to be with someone who does too. Maybe your just ready for the biggest life change ever and you've just got to move on. MAYBE YOUR JUST FUCKING STUPID!!! Why? Because you fell in love IN A VIDEOGAME that's why! So then you meet and everything is wonderful, and then he goes away comes back then goes away again. You do this over and over until you just can't take it anymore. Until your just about ready to implode and get married. It's wonderful, don't get me wrong, but things just aren't settling; just not clicking.

Thing is that that's not even where the fighting began is it? No, the fighting began way back in your video gaming days. Those same type of arguments that haven't changed one bit. That's wrong, they have changed...topic, focus even but the intensity has remained. You always feel like your being attacked, but that burning flame doesn't die. It won't burn out. What a stupid cliche that is, but it rings true. Yeah, I'm talking about my relationship it's true, but I'm sick to death of hearing about the wonderfull little online relationships like the ones in this story:Online gamers find offline love. It's all bullshit. Nothing but a bunch of smoke and mirrors. LIES I TELL YOU.

Sure things are all peachy in the beginning, but when it comes right down to it things are exactly the same. There is no fairytale. You struggle to pay your bills, you struggle to get struggle to live. It's easier of course when you don't have to leave your country to make things work. Moving to another state isn't as hard as moving halfway around the world. The truth is that as much as I hate to admit it the United States is the worst immigration wise. It would have been easier to move to England, but that means I would have had to leave a steady job with benefits to live with someones mother while they got their shit together outside of the army. Either that or I'd be living in some baracks somewhere and my husband would have to leave me 9 months out of the year or more.

Point is that being in a relationship is hard. Damn hard. It's hard enough just trying to make things work, but you throw in moving to another country, getting residency for your loved one and finding work just so you can put food on the table. It's no easy task. If anyone should know it's my husband.

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