Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Litter Of One

Morrigan seemed frantic Monday night. I was on my second attempt at the last Q&A Exam and I knew that if I could manage to concentrate for just two hours I'd be able to finish the exam with a very high score. Higher than most of the other second attempts. I really feel that I've been retaining the information I'm studying better, but this cats constant meowing and bossing around is driving me insane. You think I'm bossy, you haven't met my cat.

If you don't pet her she gets upset. If you pet her...she has the right to get pissed. If you're not near her, she gets depressed. If you're too close to her she has the right to hiss and spit. I can't fucking deal with her anymore! I say that knowing full well that I couldn't live without her.

We hadn't slept much with her scratching all night long Sunday and I've been saying she's ready to pop any day now. Monday night, you could see her little cat va-hooha more than usual. Didn't occur to me that she was dilated until I spoke to my sister. When I got home that day Morrigan had been in the bedroom. We're trying to keep her separated from the rest of the cats and hoping she'll nest properly this time. I'm using my laundry basket and Rigid suggested one of our warmest blankets. She kept trying to get under the covers and I was afraid she was going to give birth there.

She refused the basket with the blankets I'd put in there so, we took one off my bed. Just for Morrigan. Morrigan gets what Morrigan wants. She was so happy. She curled up inside the basket with her favorite blanket (it's just an faded old sleeping bag we use for extra warmth)and purred so loudly I thought she'd crack a rib. I cleaned her up a bit as she'd passed the mucous plus then we prep'd the room with lots of food, water and a litter box just for her. We showed her where everything was located then told her to get in her box. She dove right in and snuggled underneath the fold we canopied over the basket. Morrigan quickly poked her head out just slightly, nothing but eyes and ears protruding just to check that we were still there.

I said, "Inside!" in the most stern and bossy voice I could muster.

"RrrrrmeOW?" she replied with a slight discontentment. She knew she was about to be tricked again. She could tell. She resigned herself to stay in her box for the time being though. Rigid said she was fine and suggested I concentrate and stop worrying about her. Once I was sure she was purring comfortably I quietly tiptoed my way out of the room backwards then hanging my head back in to whisper good bye to Rigid as he prepared for the oncoming slaughter on Call Of Duty 4.

Finally settled in and with full concentration in force I began to answer one question after the next with ease. No less than 30 min later, scratching, screaming from Rigid, no more scratching, laughing from Rigid, scratching, cursing from Rigid....I could go on. Eventually he'd let her out. She'd sit next to me, then beg to be let back in. She was frantic. I tried to comfort her, but I really wanted to get through my exam. I tried to scold her, but I'd feel bad. Eventually I simply resigned myself to get up and let her in and Rigid resigned himself to get up and let her out. Don't really understand what the point of that was to be honest, but we made it through and when I was done with my exam we all sat in the living room together.

I was trying to watch a show, but she was crowding me and apparently Rigid was crowding her because she growled at us. Oh wait, no that wasn't it at all. It was my foot. She didn't like where I put it. When I moved it she stopped and started purring again. With a mock look of disdain I said, "Your not the boss of me Morrigan. You can't tell me what to do."

She stared at Rigid and said, "Puuurrr?" and he said, "Yeah she can. You do everything she wants doesn't she Mo-Gaan?"

To which I replied with a simple, "Bitch."

We were like, a happy little family that day and because we had such a restless night before we decided it was time to separate her completely from the other cats. We had her sleep in the bedroom, her basket next to my side of the bed. It was a tough night being that she kept trying to jump on the bed with us to snuggle. Because I was afraid she'd end up having kittens in the middle of the night I had to keep waking up to shoo her off the bed. It was exhausting work, but we made it another day.

Tuesday morning I left work 10 whole minutes before 6am so I was sure I'd make it on time or at least just after 6:30am. No such luck, traffic was worse than the morning before and I was actually 9 minutes later. Screw it. I just didn't have the energy to care. An hour and a half later Rigid called to tell me Morrigan had her first kitten. We we're so excited.

"Just calling to inform you that the first kitten has joined us Popette. I just woke up to all this meowing and there he was."

"Awww. Is he strong, is she okay? What's going she still giving birth?" I bombarded him with questions as always. It's a little difficult sometimes to get a word in and he's usually better than me at catching more than one question at a time.

"He's ginger, really strong and big. He seems really healthy too, good strong mews." he paused to give The Morrigan some pets and cooes. "Morg's happy too. She hasn't had any others though."

I gave him instructions to call me as soon as another starts to pop out. About an hour later I got another phone call, but nothing happened. We waited and nothing. She just licked and licked. I get the feeling she was passing the placenta. Not sure, but we began to worry. It had been 4 hrs and she still hadn't given birth to any more kittens. We couldn't believe that she wouldn't have any others stashed away in there somewhere. I worried that one could be in the birth canal, but Morg wasn't in distress. Rigid described her to me and she seemed perfectly okay. Still, to be sure he took her to a Vet. He told us that theoretically speaking it could be 24hrs between births.

Seemed strange, but not altogether impossible. He doubted there were any others, but perhaps one more could be expected. He gave us instructions to call him that night and the next morning to see how she was doing. I was impressed, they actually do care. It says to on their webpage, but you can never believe those things can you?

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