Thursday, April 24, 2008

Maha's Burfday Messages

holy shit...i don't know what to say. i was fucking INUNDATED with birthday messages all day tuesday and i STILL haven't had the chance to check myspace and facebook. i've been going a little nutty trying to get things prepared for the autism walk this saturday and just working and resting. no video gaming for me. * sigh * that's no fun at all. BUT i'm getting a lot done. too bad non of those things are studying. SEE i'm so busy i only have time to capitalize a few words JUST for the purpose of emphasis. i'm thinking when i finally get around to writing that book about my life i'll probably do the same thing. i mean really, i'm no grammatical genius here. in fact you could easily say i'm grammatically retarded anyway.

wish i had the time to post all kinds of things about my little kitteh. i never even got to take pictures of him yesterday and i've been posting at least one of him every day to my flickr, BUT since all my pic's initially are set to private i have to get in there and reset them. blah... maybe i'll do that while i type. ginger kitteh pic's at: maha's flickr

god you guys, so many things have been going on and you know i'm fucking chomping at the bit to spit each and every last drop onto my blog but i'd be here all freakin' day. ...and i think i want to leave early.

i had a wonderful birthday. i swear it was the nicest day i've had in a really long time. maybe because i've had such a shit time the last few years and for the first time rigid made a HUGE effort to be kind to me and show me a really nice time. yeah, we don't have money, but you know a little effort goes a really long way with me. a really sincere and kind gesture can mean all the difference in the world and is always preferred over pearls, flowers or a trip to hawaii. not that i've ever taken a trip to hawaii, i'm just saying. you know, for just in case anyone needed an idea.

monday my coworker walked by my desk and mentioned that it was going to be my birthday. asked me what i was planning. i looked up at her with the stupidest expression on my face. mostly because that's the look i have when i get torn away from what i'm doing and because the fact that it was about to be my special day was news to me. i completely forgot. what's sad is that i have it on a few calendars. yeah guys, that's how bad i can get. i can't even remember my own birthday, but you know sometimes that's just the way people wired.

so because i have such a difficult time remembering special dates and just sort of keep my head down when it comes to other peoples birthdays. i kind of pretend (mostly to myself) that i don't feel like a complete and total asshole for not remembering to call the day of knowing full well that they have and will make the effort for me. it always ends up making me feel a little depressed when someone actually remembers me on my birthday because even though their name was right there in my calendar by the time i remembered to check the day had long since come and gone. that or i end up inundating myself with reminders going off all month long and when the day doesn't go off or i get the reminder, but can't call right away. point? yeah...none sorry.

i stayed up too late that day. worried about bills the kitten and how i'm going to figure out a way to make more money. it was midnight and i was finally closing my eyes. rigid hugged me close after we put the kitten to sleep, having just fed it for the last time, gave me a kiss and said, "it's your birthday poppette. happy birthday." aaaaaaaaaaawwwww.... (what load of cacky. lol)

he always does cute things like that. the next morning i wake up at 5am to go to work and find 5 birthday messages from my sister. and she wonders how she gets charged so much money on her cell phone, but i love it. rigid made me breakfast (we never make breakfast) and i went to work. before you know it i'm getting text messages, phone calls, emails, cake, pizza, money from my boss, a mani/pedi from my other broker and just...fuck... freakin' candles. FUCK. don't get me wrong i love it. i absolutely love it, but the candles and singing are just a bit much for me. not because i'm so fucking cool, but because if i were feeling just a tad bit more sensitive than i already was i would have been crying my ass off under my desk. don't these people have a clue??? jeezuz.

i didn't even get a chance to reply to all the messages, but i went home with a few leftovers for rigid. i always save him a slice of cake. he loves his desserts.

we'll, i'm starting to ramble arent' i? i do that a lot, but i have to go home so i'll wrap this up in two min. i went home with loads of stuff in my arms and found my neighbor out there with rigid. i was on the phone w/ pumpo. apparently as i stood there talking they were cooking a up a little scheme to take me out to dinner. see, hollywood (yeah, that's my neighbor) was looking for an excuse to take us both out to dinner and asked rigid what he had planned for my b-day. he bought me a little present, was making dinner and was about to bake a cake. yeah, all by himself too, but hollywood insisted on taking us out.

the cheesecake factory at redondo beach. it was a long drive and i'm not used to doing stuff like that on a weekday, but i just tried to relax and have a good time. that shot of patron he bought did the trick too. we stayed for hours and then took a little drive. AND at some point someone decided it would be brilliant to have the staff sing a little song....with fucking candles. i nearly shit my pants. but i had so much fun and i appreciate all the birthday wishes i got from everyone.

i hope you know that even though your birthday may come and go i'm always thinking of you and you'll always have a special place in my heart be you an xbox pal, gtp buddy or know.

so, that's for all the birthday messages. i'm still thanking everyone individually though i have to say a special thanks to buckey and dirty. you guys nearly made me swallow my tongue. lmao!

OOh so, i have to go home now, but thanks for the lovley messages guys!!!:

BuckshotGeorge 04-22-2008 1:01 AMDelete Message - Block User
Holy Mofo, Maha!!! It's your birthday, huzzah. Imagine the streets lined with revellers, friends, family, Ice Cream stalls that are all free for today only. A marching band playing a jazz and horn versions of your favourite songs. And at the top of the parade, BuckshotGeorge bellowing out "Happy Birthday" wearing nothing but a smile, and a pair of Speedos! That is my gift to you....,hope you have a wonderful day ;)

DiRtyEffEnJiMjO 04-22-2008 2:51 PMDelete Message - Block User

raitchison 04-22-2008 7:08 AMDelete Message - Block User
Happy Birthday!

Wild Cookie 04-22-2008 1:26 AMDelete Message - Block User
Happy bday -have a great day all the best

Davy Rocket 04-22-2008 12:20 AMDelete Message - Block User
Happy Birthday gorgeous, have a great day, big hug. X

Phorexia 04-22-2008 12:01 AMDelete Message - Block User
Your birthday? Happy birthday Maharet. Celebrate by spending a few hours on Live maybe?

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