Thursday, June 26, 2008

my flickr complaint

quatre mains / Pieter Lanser: he's been blocked though all he did was send me two little comments on a short mobil video clip.

i'm getting a little tired of the video/photo division i've been seeing here on flickr. i've been a member for many many years now and i've NEVER been bothered by anyone. sure, you get a critical opinion here and there in regards to my horrid photography skills, but it's a little different.

getting dumb comments from members because we're making use of a service provided by you guys, a service which i've been waiting for and love, is irritating enough to make me want to never use this site again. enough to make me want to, not to actually do it. :P

i know there's nothing anyone can really do, and i know that you guys are aware of the problem. i just think that we should all make more of an effort to help people understand that there's nothing to fear from "moving pictures" and that to bother other members about it is very silly. you know, you could actually be irritating the wrong person.

what if i was some insane one eyed hacker? you wouldn't want a crazy one eyed hacker knowing what you know would you? lol...crappers. this wasn't much of a complaint was it? LOL

anyway, keep up the good work and let's shove a picture up these people's butts...a moving picture!

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