Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do Americans Deserve the Hero Moniker?

hmmm, an interesting post as usual. you're a funny guy...though i don't think you were actually trying to be funny. lol i like to listen to you walk and utter. it's like i can picture the world passing you by and you're this one guy jibberjabbering into this single little phone talking to absolutely no one in particular and everyone in the world all at the same time.

i love thoughts like that.

well, do the americans deserve the hero moniker ei? how do you answer that question? because the americans didn't get into the thick of it quickly enough...that's about the jist of what i got out of your post. we're sticking to this one particular instance in time and history and not looking back on all of the atrocities other countries have endured or inflicted? not thinking about anyone else staying neutral in a war that they could have helped prevent? not taking into account any other time that a great nation may have needed help and perhaps we were the first ones in, perhaps the last, perhaps someone didn't get help to us quickly enough?

who has the right to remove the title of "hero" from any single person who has ever been part of a war? whether on the "winning" side or the "losing" side, though in war i truly don't think there can be any victors. no dear, i don't believe that anyone on this planet has the right to tell anyone else, even if what you're referring to is a nation and not any particular person, that they can't be called a hero. at least not in my opinion.

there's a huge divide between americans and the rest of the world and i do believe we placed ourselves in that position. but there have been countless number of instances in which we've butted our noses where it didn't belong, sometimes too soon and sometimes too late, but we've been there and we've done our part.

i think we as a people (i mean "we" as in you, i, him her and everyone all around the world) have all done our part in one way or another to contribute to this great worlds problems as well as it's splendor so i have to say i could not strip any single country of the hero moniker.

i've no idea why we were neutral for so long, maybe we hadn't forgotten the first world war..i've no clue because to be perfectly honest i never was all that great at remembering much. you should probably have elaborated on that. lol catch us up on the history of what america didn't do.

and who out there calls their nation "hero" anyhow? they call their people heroes for being part of a war they don't want any part of in the first place. for defending their nation and the nations of others to the death in a cause that in the short term hasn't much to do with them anyway. that's who we call heroes. honestly...i didn't even know we were called heroes. LOL!!! and i've watched nearly all the movies. LMAO!

oh boy, but i do go on don't i? well, i didn't mean for this post to ramble on like this, but i do tend to write quite a bit. sorry if my brain diarrhea makes no sense too, i don't really censor my brain and pretty much type what dribbles out of my thick skull.

so, GREAT topic dear and i shall look forward to more on this one. :)


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