Thursday, July 31, 2008

OMG they weren't kidding. it's a to go!

okay, so we were going to order the food from home because they deliver, but i was so damn hungry i was willing to take a quick drive out, order my food and scarf it the hell down in far less time that it would take for them to actually bring it to me.

i mean, i know it's only just under 3 miles away, but that would mean a 45 min delivery time and i just wasn't willing to wait that long. man, was this a disappointment. when we went inside the place looked horrendous and straight away you understand why it got a B rating. the place is dirty.

thing is i didn't want to go anywhere else although we did nearly leave i also felt a little guilty. they looked so happy that we were there. scared, but happy and since you could tell they'd only opened the place up a few days ago i thought maybe i could just give it a chance.

we sat down and read the menu. this isn't a sit down kind of place. it's kind of like your regular old chinese fast food take out, but this time in place of the usual lukewarm dishes held under heat lamps were piles upon piles of dipping sauces in a variety of colors. i thought that was a little odd, but whatever.

when we knew what we wanted we ordered our food. i held my breath as i handed her my card. i could have sworn i just heard her say $39. $39?... $39??? for what? what the fuck did i order? i was looking right at the prices. all i ordered was combination chow fun, pan fried dumplings, 2 bbq spare ribs and an order of szechuan chicken! that's it!!! were the cans of coke $2 each or something?

i don't count well in my head, but my fingers weren't wrong! it all added up. i thought, 'this better be fucking good because i just spend part of my meds in this dive.'

it wasn't.

the food all came in boxes and for what i had just paid it wasn't great. the service was shit and you know...i just realized something. they weren't chinese. damn those trixters! THAT'S why the szechuan chicken tasted funny, they were THAI!

oh my lord. i'm like a fucking detective! when i went to grab my soda after i was hit with the horrible news i saw a thai drink. it was the only asian drink in there. i only just put it together, the girls accent, the mans features, the drink and the funky taste in the szechuan chicken. i don't know what it is, but there's some funky spice they use that i fucking DETEST! and it takes A LOT for me to detest any kind of food. A LOT! that and i'm not big on the coconut usage though i'll still eat it.

god, rigid can eat thai food like there no tomorrow. he can slup down a nice hot thai green coconut curry in such a way as to make your mouth water until drool starts to form at the corners of your mouth. happened to me once and i looked forward to sampling his dish. i don't know what it is. the coconut, the curry...the style of cooking? no clue, but there's something about thai cuisine that just doesn't agree with me so i will always stick to the dishes i know.

what was strange about this restaurant is that for the most part everything looked and tasted almost exactly as it should. i nearly spit the szechuan chicken out, but i just drizzled my vinegar/soy sauce on it and it was edible.

what is it thought? what is in certain thai dishes that would make me connect this particular and for the most part very traditional chinese dish with certin thai dishes that i have a hard time eating?

i think i just googled it my answer. star anise. i don't think i like it. i've just found that it has a licorice type taste that i find repulsive and i hate licorice.

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