Sunday, August 3, 2008

What's With the Blabbing On Utterz Commentary? know i can't keep my mouth shut about this one don't you? personally, i could care less if you don't have time to read my message. read or listen to what you want, which ever portion you desire...or not. makes no difference to me.

as a general rule of thumb yes, i do try to keep my regular messages fairly brief. the only exception is when my brain has been tickled in such a way as to elicit a very long and detailed response. one of those situations that spark me to blab on and on and on. i'm sure a few people have figured out that i can tend to do that mindlessly.

another is when i want to share the topic with my other sites, which i actually have from time to time. i have to admit, sometimes i do worry about going on too long, but i figure if you are like me you'll just move on without thinking. sorry, but we don't all have time to sit and listen to 10 min replies. trust me, it wouldn't hurt my feelings.

i get that, hey great reply/long read, kind of thing a lot. even for my own blog posts and not on this site by the way. ask me if i care? it's not for you it's for me. yes, i put it out there in a public forum and yes it's a reply to you, but whether you like it or not it's still for me. it feels like throwing dirt in the wind and watching it go away from you. the texture of the dirt between your fingers, the wind blowing your hair around. a moment of peace and tranquility. that's what writing is to me even if i'm not a great writer and my grammar is horrific.

i don't care for a voting system at all. in my experience voting systems dumb down the quality of a website instead of uplift it. those little egomaniacs get a nice little boost with their egocentric mindless post. and right along with the egomaniacal bastards are the stupid idiotic voters and their asinine and unintelligent commentary. not that i've had a bad experience with voting, in fact quite the opposite. it's simply that i've seen what it does and i just don't think it really works.

if you ask me, the number of followers is a great way to figure out if someone is worth following. if you end up being wrong, just un-follow.

right then, as always...great post love!

note: when sending to blogger a space on utterz between paragraphs gets a double space on blogger. looks awful, so you know i'm sharing the topic offsite when there's no space. *wink*

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