Wednesday, September 10, 2008

at&t interrupts access to your flickr pic's!

WOW! thank you AT&T!!!!

yeah, maybe you don't need to read the at&t messages below, but talk about BULLSHIT! see i have a flckr account. i used to pay around 40 bucks a year for unlimited monthly downloads and some other crap. yahoo merged with flickr, at&t merged with yahoo (can't remember in what order either.) suddenly i realize that i wasn't paying a subscription anymore. how cool was that?

when the service started out i had mentioned the fact that if i could do small edits to my own pictures i would TOTALLY pay without even thinking about it. that service came out a long time later, but it's still free so WOOT. i'm like this giant happy camper. wonderful.

now, i have issues with my phone company. i got SCREWED on my check last month and i'm having trouble paying my bills. my fault my issue and not the point. point is i can deal with my phone service being interrupted. i can deal with my cable and maybe even my internet. bills need to be paid for services to be rendered. i got it. but don't FUCK with me when i'm trying to log onto my personal SHIT!

when i logged onto flickr just now this is what i got (i know all i have to do is unmerge, but i FREAKED when i saw this. fucking asshole piece of shits!

AT&T Service Suspension AT&T Yahoo! services suspended

You no longer have access to your AT&T Yahoo! account because your AT&T Yahoo! Internet services have been suspended. If you want to continue using your AT&T Yahoo! ID, please call AT&T Customer Service to reactivate your AT&T Yahoo! service.

To reactivate AT&T Yahoo! Dial, call 1-866-SBC-DIAL (1-866-722-3425).
To reactivate AT&T Yahoo! DSL, call 1-877-SBC-DSL5 (1-877-722-3755).
Your AT&T account is currently merged with your free Yahoo! account MYIDHERE. You can continue to use your Yahoo! account MYIDHERE by clicking Unmerge. When you unmerge your accounts:

Your Yahoo! account MYIDHERE will revert to a free Yahoo! account. You will lose access to AT&T Powered by Yahoo! premium services (for example, LAUNCHcast Plus commercial-free radio, enhanced anti-virus software, and premium spam protection). You can, however, purchase these premium services separately

You will not lose any data. Your Yahoo! account MYIDHERE will keep all your settings and personal information (for example, your email messages, address book entries and photos) from your merged AT&T account and Yahoo! account MYIDHERE.

In case you forget your password, Yahoo! will help you. Take note of your Security Question, alternate email, date of birth and zip code. These fields will help you reset your password if you ever forget it.
I DON'T USE MY ATT ID HERE!!! but they merged the whole thing. you know, i'm having a really back fucking week. do i seriously need this piece of shit telling me ONCE AGAIN that i need to pay my bill? when i'm trying to access A PRIVATE SITE ON THE INTERNET!!!

so i just clicked unmerge:


AT&T Service Cancellation

Sorry, we are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later.


in other words, sorry you didn't pay your bill you piece of crap. pay us and you can have your pictures back? can't be...i'll try again:


AT&T Service Cancellation/Suspension

Yahoo! account unmerged

Your free Yahoo! account MYIDHERE has been unmerged from your AT&T account To view or change your personal information, please visit your member account information page.

Continue to enjoy Yahoo! Premium Services

You no longer have access to the Yahoo! premium services that were included as part of your canceled or suspended AT&T account. However, you can purchase premium services with your free Yahoo! account. Take a look at our current offering of premium services to learn more about what's available or check out the links below for some of our most popular packages.

Premium service(s) you purchased separately with your AT&T account will continue and will be automatically assigned to your Yahoo! account MYIDHERE.

Premium ServicesSERVICE

Yahoo! Music Unlimited - Play and save over 1 million songs, create play lists, and access your music from any PC online!

LAUNCHcast Plus - Enjoy commercial-free audio, exclusive programming, and great music recommendations.

Yahoo! Mail Plus - Experience email with virus protection, personalized spam filtering, no graphical ads, and virtually unlimited storage.

Thank you for your ongoing use of Yahoo!. You may now sign in to Yahoo! using your unmerged Yahoo! ID MYIDHERE

Go to My Yahoo! page


WOW, where's my fucking flickr??? i don't want to go to the yahoo home page i want my FLICKR PIC'S!

k, i'm in...if i were a just a bit 'tardier than i am already i wouldn't have thought to go back for the 4th time and re-enter the flickr address to try to log back on. this was such a bullshit experience, but it just goes to show you that the minute big businesses get involved with your favorite online hot spots you should run the fuck away.

RUN for your god damned lives because if they can do THAT to you they can do anything they want.

this brings me to the google issue. if google hooks up with "yahoo" and at&t can do this type of crap to you then what in the hell are we going to be able to expect from google?

i was all up for the google maps, google docs, google earth, google your ass... i was SO...SOOOOO looking forward to my free google phone. i've been following that for so long. if google does get together with yahoo then at&t will be ENOURMOUS! how...(and i can't believe i'm saying this) HOW can we let that happen?

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