Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Google Has Completely Screwed Feedburner

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I am thoroughly pissed off at Google. They bought Feedburner last year pulled a Microsoft on the service. They have completely blocked other feed reading

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too busy at work so it took me way to long to update this post. LOL looks like rigid beat me to the att conspiracy...damn you!:

monopolies definitely suck, but our government really doesn't do anything about it. they make it seem like they do, but they allow these giants the ability to "do business as" other entities...which they're not. so long as the public THINKS they have choices it's okay, but we don't.

at&t is proof that we don't. you have verizon? oooh. verizon provides your telephone service not at&t? ooooh. think again! verizon has BETTER wireless service...guess what? same shiz people. sorry!

here's where i'm going with this. yahoo hooked up with at&t. no wait, let me back up. yahoo hooked up with flickr, my trusty photography storage site which i used to pay a yearly subscription fee for unlimited monthly storage. the next thing i know i'm suddenly NOT paying anything at all(that was nice of them right?). i'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes, but come to find out that at&t bought out yahoo (i need to pay more attention to my reuters).

now google is hooking up with yahoo? YAHOO??? you're shitting me. at&t will soon rule our internet. RULE it and all it's communications. it already hands over our personal information to the government. now the only thing that's missing is a governing authority which oversees communications on the internet.

like the FCC but not... maybe it'll be called the Federal Internet Communications Commission....

Federal Usurper Communications of Internet Activity or FUCIT-A for short. before you know it we'll have to watch everything we say here, not because we look like the morons that we (meaning i) are, but because you'll be jailed for speaking your mind against the powers that be.

i don't know about you, but looking like a dummy because i tend to curse too much or speak openly about the things i do is something i'm willing to deal with. being censored is something i am NOT. there have been enough things going on in this country that make me want to leave it entirely, not that england would be any better.

good lord...how did i turn this into a censorship rant?

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