Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sen. Obama's hubris and self-absorption

(re: discussion/politics)

what do you mean? lol your title referred to the hubris and self absorption of a senator. i pointed out the hubris and self absorption of another.

i hope you understand i wasn't trying to purposely upset you, but you posted a link to another site about what.... a coin? i only read it briefly and i'm not sure what the point was exactly.

if the point was to distract from real issues then the point was well made. i swear here, i'm NOT trying to upset you, but i wasn't even going to respond to this message after i rudely hung up on my husband for even bringing it up to me.

the endless going back and forth between candidates and the people constantly keeping the flow going with this type of silliness is really frustrating and quite frankly i'm just tired. i'm stressed out beyond belief watching one company after another crumble on wall street.

i'm freaking out because some idiot thinks he can take 700 billion dollars and actually had the balls to request no oversight.

am i going to take either an obama coin into account in matters like this? not really. you know why? i may not be very eloquent, especially in political matters, but i'm at least intuitive enough to see many points of view all in the blink of an eye without ANYONE having to point them out to me.

in my humble opinion sir, you are only looking at one side of the coin here. i seriously doubt that someone went up to obama and said, "hey mr senator sir, i have a great idea. why don't we run out just before election day and have a crap load of coins minted (in another country of course) with your face on it!"

even if obama said, "wonderful, save me a coin!" can you actually blame him? i can't. if i were him i'd want the entire set. lol

point is dear...there's no point to any of this because ultimately that's not what matters. you want to say that obama agreeing to the minting of a coin is significant, my answer to that is mccain owns 13 cars. who needs 13 cars? in my opinion that significant in terms of personal spending issues and how one handles their own life. if he were a senator and owned maybe 3 cars, well that tells me now there's someone who can afford a few cars and how wonderful because his wife doesn't need to borrow his like my husband might.

good for him. 13 cars on the other hand seems a bit excessive even for someone that i will be required to support in order to be seen as a patriot of this country should we YET AGAIN end up in the middle of a war. no...i'm sorry, the coin just isn't a huge issue for me because, man... EVEN I would be cool with it.

can you just imagine it? i mean, can you just imagine if he were our FIRST black president??? you want to tell me he's a bad guy because someone in another country is making coins? paul...i'm so sorry i've gone on so long about this (i'm emoting. lol) and i really do hope you're not upset with me. (i tend to do that a lot) but i really honestly and firmly believe, we have bigger fish to fry.

though a little lighthearted humor is more than welcome and, i guess that's what i thought was my point when i made my reply.

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