Thursday, October 23, 2008

i hate everyone

Subversive Cross Stitch #5
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but i love cows. to be honest, i have nothing to say. i'm still irritated about my flickr account. it's the principal of the thing you see. more than anything i'm annoyed that i stayed up blogging much too late again. too much bitching and moaning about at&t.

so today was a busy traffic day, but i managed to get here before 7am which was nice. fires spreading everywhere and i thought brentwood was being evacuated...i nearly turned the fat fuck around and went back home, but screw it. i'm here. i would have looked like an asshole if i didn't come to work because of that. 'i'z scurred mr. bossman, don't firez me.' think it would work?

someone sprayed lysol in the air again. if i see them spray it i'm going to rip it out of their hands and shove it up their ass. that means you m'kay???

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