Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Okay, that’s better. If I open my cell phone and lay it on it’s side it will take proper landscape pic’s. When it’s closed and laid on it’s side (like you would a regular camera) it doesn’t take landscape pic’s. It won’t even do it when your holding it like a cell phone.

What a dumb phone this is.

Well, the phone isn’t why I’m writing today. In fact, I’m not even writing. I’m just pretending to be very busy at work. I look like such a hard working employee I tell you. All my work is done. I submitted a $1.5 mil wire request today. There’s nothing in my ‘Do This NOW’ pile…okay, I’m looking at one, but I’m sure there’s nothing urgent in there. And even though everyone must know I’m not doing anything I at the very least must look busy. Very very busy…. ….. ….. busy.


So, … yah.

Well, … hmmm….

Oh, right, the ribs. Agent V, a lovely coworker of mine, brought in a stack of ribs for me to take home. Her friend/babysitter/something housewifey marinated a ton of ribs this Saturday and V said she’d bring me some today along with some BBQ sauce to go with them. Just in case I need extra sauce to dab on my ribs. My V is so good to me. She’s the best coworker in the whole wide world and I love her to death. I have to remember to do something really special for her this year….at some point. You know, when I actually have some money to spare. :P

In order to remember to bring the ribs in the first place V had to draw a nice big sign for herself and put it somewhere she’d see it. She handed me the little baggie containing the lovigly marinated ribs, read the instructions written on the side of the brown bag to me (she’s funny, she always comes down to my level when she’s explaining something to me. notice that about mommies too?), yanked out the sign and placed it on top of my giant purse as she told me all about the sign and why she wrote it.

Her blue pen chicken scratches left me rather unsatisfied though. And I’ve always felt it necessary to write your own memo’s and reminders as that is usually the only way one can actually burn something deep into their cerebellum. My cerebellum refuses to let anyone burn anything in it so I always have to do a little something extra to remind myself, often in addition to my calendar alerts. I suppose I went a little overboard, but I definitely do NOT want to forget these ribs and I can’t WAIT to eat them.

You better remind me…I’ll be leaving today at 2:30 pm.

Don’t let me forget my ribs! I swear I will KILL.

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