Thursday, March 19, 2009

the maps are out! the maps are out! the maps are


And I got mine! Woot!

Rigid is on his way to the store to buy more Microsoft Points (MSP) for his Call of Duty Maps Purchase. Since his Gamertag is from the UK his Xbox Live Arcade is the same as the UK Xbox Live Arcade and is unable to purchase points with our US credit card. If you ask me Microsoft is full of shit for not having fixed this issue for us, but neither the UK reps or the US reps want to take responsibility of losing our Gamertag if anyone should pick it up the instant he removes it from the UK Xbox Live thingamagiggies and throws it onto the US Xbox Live whatevermadoodles. (?) Yeah, that's how complicated this whole thing is.

Basically it all boils down to Rigid not being allowed the same GOLD Member access that we in the US have been. It's unfair because he pays exactly the same amount of money as I do yet I can't view my Netflix stream from his Xbox without installing my hard drive. That's a pain in the neck. Luckily Netflix doesn't really do "adult" movies so there isn't much need to watch anything from the bedroom. (teehee)Wait a minute, did I really say luckily? "I said what what in the butt, what what in the butt!" Hem...sorry, inside joke. (No pun intended)

In the meantime we have to make do. That is until the day comes that he and I are perfectly okay with losing the connection between our Gamertag’s. It's a gamer nerd thing...You might get a headache trying to understand so don't hurt yourself.

See, Rigid Raider and Maharet are the Gamertags we used when we met. I don't think either one of us could stand to lose those tags. I've been paying for mine since 2003 and so has he. Damn, that's a really long time! ‘Tis true that we are 'tarded, but that's okay, we can live with that as long as we both get to keep out Gamertags. It's like a wedding ring only different and more valuable for some reason. At least to me. He's considered changing his Gamertag to Nefarious Ferret. Can you say, 'HUH?'

I suggested that if he wanted to change his tag we choose something together. I brought a few names to the table. Names such as Tristan & Isolde, Romeo & Julietta (Get it? 'cause I'm Hispanic!), Abelard & Heloise, Queen Victoria & Prince Albert, Lancelot & Guinevere, Paris & Helena, Orpheus & Eurydice, Odysseus & Penelope, Paolo & Francesca, Layla & Majnun, Pyramus & Thisbe Pocahotnass *snicker* & John Smith.

Suffice it to say he decided to keep his tag and so my plan to be known forever and after as Maharet & Rigid Raider has worked out rather well for me. Will We be able to deal with this Microsoft hooey for very long? I don't know. The fact that we have no choice but to purchase 1600 MSP at the store because they refuse to carry anything smaller when I only need to purchase 300 MSP to add to my 500 MSP on Rigid's Gamertag is just bullshit and another great way for just one more huge corporation to rip me in the anus.

I only had to add 100 MSP to my Gamertag in order to purchase the 800 MSP COD:WAW maps. It seems that Rigid had no choice but to purchase 500 MSP for me because they didn't have 100 MSP available anymore. When the hell did that happen? If you can follow what I'm saying I'll be impressed. In the end when all I should have paid was $20 or rather 1600 MSP in total for two sets of maps I ended up spending over $26. Sure I have some points left over, but what good are they?

Do I see myself spending points on music video's I'll only watch once in the Arcade or can watch for free on the internet? Um, no. Will I spend points on pictures, avatars, icons or backgrounds when I can just download freebies or take my own? So, what the fuck is the point then? Half of us diehards aren't even sure why the hell we're still on Xbox Live! We bitch and moan and complain every day about all the money we're spending yet here we are. Spending it like a bunch of donkeys. No...even donkeys are smarter than that.

Damn you for making me so happy Xbox Live! Damn you to all mighty hell. And damn you for making me cry the last time you broke down! I love you that much...damn you for making me spend money on points. Damn you for giving me reason to rent movies again. (I can use my points for movies, did you know that? teehee!) Damn you for giving me friends to chat with and people to play with and tiny little children to make cry when I stompz their little faces into teh...what too much?

But I have my maps, I have my maps. I'm chomping at the bit to go home and try the Zombie map. I can already hear myself crying out, "Kill teh Zimbies, kill teh Zimbies, Kill teh Zimbies, Kill teh Ziiiiiiiimbies!" ala Elmer Fud on the hunt for his Waaabbit. You know the episode I'm talking about... Something about Riding teh Valkyrie.

I hate Bill Gates. I mean he's got to be the Anti-Christ right? It's not just me is it? The arcade and all it's nummy little jigglybits of fun stuff for me to do and entertain myself has go to be the temptation I should have the strength to resist. But who could resist the Zimbie Map? Last night before I went to bed I told Rigid we wouldn't be getting these stupid maps until we could afford it. This morning we were magically able to afford it AND spend more than we should have in the process.

Hold on a second…I got a call from Rigid….

Wonderful, you know what really kicks you in the pants and grabs you by the nip nips? When you go through the same hassle and aggravation we have only to have trouble with ADDING these points to your account. Because Rigid can't add the points, Rigid can’t can't download the maps. The Xbox Rep's aren’t' much help either but they and a few friends have confirmed that it seems to be happening all across the board. If you decide to add Microsoft Points or download the maps today be prepared for some problems.

Now, I wonder what excuse I could give my boss so he’ll let me leave early?

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