Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eulogy For A Fallen Comrade

The day before yesterday Rigid Raider and I received the news that an Xbox Live gamer on both our lists passed away. We're a fairly tight-knit group of gamers on Xbox and losing a friend is never easy.

I've seen people go through this before; the fact that you'll probably never meet these people doesn't make it any easier. We have friends from all walks of life from Army Personnel, Commercial Airline Pilots, Jet Fighters, Airplane Mechanics, Miners, Electrical Engineers, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Lumberjacks and Turkey Wranglers...Yes, Wild Turkey Wranglers who wrangle turkeys on horseback. It's a dangerous job wrangling turkeys is. One could very easily break ones neck and I don't mean the turkey. What you do for a living doesn't always matter though because you can never predict how you'll spend your last days. I won't go into the details of anyone else's personal life, but suffice it to say that it's encouraged my husband to eat a little better and to be a little more conscious about what he's putting into his body. Ultimately, though, even that doesn't matter because when it comes right down to it, and as they say, when you're numbers up...well, it's up.

So, NAC, I'll carry on smoking until my lungs turn black. I'll carry on eating fatty foods until my body can't take it anymore and the Lipitor stops working. (I don’t take Lipitor, I’m just sayin’) I'll carry on eating sour skittles until my insulin levels become either so low or so high that I end up in a sugar coma, diabetic or worse... nauseous. I'll keep on eating bacon, spam, hash brown and eggs for breakfast, grilled cheese or tuna sammiches for lunch (my favs) and chicken fried steak for dinner until my arteries are so clogged my heart stops beating.

On the weekends I'll drink myself into a grave once in a while, wake up dead the next morning and wonder why the fuck I did that. You know why? Because we want to do what we love to do and die fucking happy no matter when it happens because living sucks and it should be FAR more fucking tolerable AND it’s out GOD DAMNED RESPONSIBILITY TO LIVE IT THE ANYWHICHWAY WE FUCKING SEE FIT!!! I'll do all these things and more never forgetting who my friends are, never forgetting my family, never forgetting myself.

So, here's to “not the greatest gamer in the world” just like the rest of us. NAC you were just an ordinary guy in an extraordinary world; A world where only the special gamers on your friends list know your name.

Que vayas con dios [No]SiempreAcampando. Que vayas con dios or your favorite Call of Duty Map in the Sky. Send me an invite; I’ll be joining your party in 10, 20 maybe (with any luck) 30 or so.


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