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My First Senior Citizen Moment

August, 2005
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MXC: My First Senior Citizen Moment
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Maharet's X-live Chronicles:
My First Senior Citizen Moment
by Maharet

well, it wasn't because i forgot something. oh no. i went this weekend to chino to visit with my aunt and uncle. rigid has been asking me to take him to for a visit and i finally relented. not that i mind going you know. i love them dearly, but it's hot out there and i usually can't even afford the gas money! lol but we drove down there for a quick visit. i mean i have stuff to do you know. i had points to give away this weekend and challengers to beat...but NOOOOOOO instead i was dragged away (not exactly kicking and screaming) to the racetracks...well okay, it wasn't a race track more like a bookie, but there were giant tv screens with horsies on them!

there i was in senior citizen land. i was surrounded by horny old men who just kept turning around to stare. there are very few women there and the ones that were there, but bent on gaming or really old and loud. i did get to gamble on a few races once i got the hang of it, but what was supposed to be a 1 hr visit to the track turned into about 3-4 hrs of gambling. my aunt only won about 140 bucks but i think she broke even. i think my uncle lost 180 and i lost about 25. i'm not much of a gambler. after my aunt and uncle got tired of losing and i got tired of being ogled and rigid got tired of...well, actually he can yap all day...okay we left for the casino.

so my uncle got a little lost on the way up there and it ended up taking an hour longer than usual who cares. we ate at weiner schintexlllzlll, forget it i can't remember how to spell it, and ate some nice chile dogs. we chatted away and gave rigid all our left overs. he eats like an animal and he's skinny as hell. i'm working on that mind you. lol

we eventually made our way down to the casino. i think by this time it was about 8 pm...exactly the time i expected to be on xbox live. ah well...i took a deep breath before going in there because i knew it would be the last breath of fresh air i'd have for quite a few hours. sure enough as soon as i got in there i was bombarded by cigarette smoke. we probably had only walked a few steps before i was feeling like i was hyperventilating. i started to fan myself in exaggeration and my aunt asked what was wrong. i let her know i wasn't used to the cigarette smoke so much anymore because i'd quit for a bit. i do still smoke on occassion, but only when i have a few my aunt hands me a cigarette and said, "here, take it. this way you won't feel it as much." and we cracked up laughing our asses off. she's right of course. as a smoker i know that when your bothered by crap loads of people smoking around you it's never quite as bad when your smoking too. don't ask me about that logic it only makes sense to us. LOL

rigid and my uncle had stayed in the parking lot to have a couple of beers. (wow lol) i eventually caught back up with them while they where at the bar. that's when rigid and i decided to go to the poker tables. i just can't play on those stupid slot machines. they're no fun anymore so i thought i'd try my luck at a poker table. well...there was no texas hold'em tables... only blackjack and a bunch of other crap i didn't know how to play. but since we took money out we decided to go for it. he started to play some strange ass poker neither of us had played before. i wasn't even going to try. i was dubious about the black jack tables as it was! ah well. rigid played well...that is well in the sense that he went in with $95 (because i bought a drinkie) and played for about 3 hrs. that game was hard as hell and there wasn't exactly much strategy to it so it was really awful. i never played a single hand but they let me sit at the table. it's obvious that the dealers talk crap loads to distract you from winning but rigid was pretty good at that so he played most of his hands about as well as you could play them imo. but in the end he lost it all and we were left with a lot of nothing. no big though cause i got to spend time with my uncle and his brother. i drank and drank the rest of the night all the while being serenaded by this old hag with a beautiful voice. she was drunk as hell and somehow managed not to slurr while singing. lol i got to sneak off a picture of the moment but was quickly told to put my camera away. no pics in the casino...what's this fucking world coming to???

omg...we finally went home around 1 in the morning, but my uncle and rigid were hungry to we stopped off at denny's to eat. we had so much fun! my uncle and i were laughing at rigid and my aunt cause they were trying to get a stuffed toy out of a machine (you know, the claw thingy's) and were making fun of them for trying so hard. never did we think that they would pull it off. it was so funny watching them do it...i should have taken a picture! but they showed us cause my aunt yanked out a stuffed star with a little bear on it. it was so cute. and after we ordered the waitress even gave us a discount because rigid was in the army...i think she got confused and thought he was american army though i'm sure i heard rigid tell her it was british army. no matter. we got a discount anyway. how nice was that?

so there you are. my first senior citizen moment with my aunt and uncle whom i love very dearly. i had such a great time that day. i can't wait to do it again...only this time i don't want to lose 140 on gambling....oh oh...and i'm going to vegas for my honeymoon..ooooi, that's not a good idea. OH! i didn't even mention that rigid wanted to take out another $100.00 to play on blackjack. he swore he could make the money, i was a little tipsy too, but my finger just flew up to his face as i walked away. LOL hee heeee... what fun.

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