Monday, August 1, 2005

New Web Page!

August, 2005
New Web Page!
well there's a new domain out there for maharets brood. i'm quite pleased actually because i've been meaning to get one started for a very long time now so this is really exciting. :) last night i created a whole new web page for it on front page. i've always wanted to work with front page but it's alway proven to be a pain in the ass, but for someone without web building skills it comes in really handy.

it took me about 45 min to create the page i needed and another 15 min to add all the links....i downloaded it to my server and voila!...nada. ai! i need to go back and fix all the flle names and redo all the buttons and hyperlinks. argh!!!! what a dummy. ah well. live and learn. i should also add labels to everything in case something like that ever happens's like navigating a webpage like a blind man.

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