Monday, August 1, 2005

Brood Challenge

August, 2005
Brood Challenge
ooh, well there are only a few updates on the message boards so go and check them out all at once.

at the moment i only want to highlight the current challenge between Max of Maharets' Brood and Me....Maharet. on friday max is going to challenge me to 1000 of my points. all i have to do is win the first challenge and he's S.O.L! i double up on my points! but if he wins all three challenges i lose 1000pts and he'll be on his way to winning this months prize.

i'm so excited that i can't wait. my challenges with juggalo and slider were really fun last month but this time i'm hoping it will be a bit more organized. i'm even thinking of giving away an additional 200 pts to members who post their version of events on the board....that sounds good too! :)

here are what the challenges are going to be like:

Sticky Monkey Hill
This challenge should be simple. All gamers will play King of the Hill as usual, but Maharet and the vile Challenger will remain outside the circle in order to kill all who enter the Hill. The Spartan with the most kills at the end will win the challenge. Rocket Launcher & grenades only. You are allowed to kill anyone who dares come before you! No other gamer will be allowed to camp outside the circle other than the challengers!
Ring of Fire
Gamers stand in a circle around the round arena (Foundation) and throw nothing but sticky grenades at the pit. You do your best to dodge the grenades and get to Maharet who is hiding in the middle of the pit. 5 kills to win this game but the game itself will be set to 50 kills. If you kill anyone other than Maharet that kill will not count so you’d better be careful not to kill anyone other than me. You can NOT throw grenades yourself. If you kill Maharet with a grenade that point will not count! No shields. Pistols only. This game pleases Maharet Greatly.
The Great Hunt
You are less than dirt…a rouge gamer….a vile betrayer of friends and we must hunt you down. In this game you will stand outside your Red Base and dodge the first volley of Brute Shot. Maharet’s Brood will then wisk her off to hunt you down like the dog you are. You will be allowed to use Brute Shot, Pistols and Grenades but you MUST kill Maharet 5 times to win the game. If Maharet gets to 5 kills first she wins the game. It is the Broods responsibility to keep Maharet from harm. Set to 50 kills.
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