Monday, August 1, 2005


August, 2005
Updates is complete. i think i'd like to add the assistant managers to this page though. if i can come up with some avatars i may do that. if not the thubnaim of whatever posted pic i have in the album will do.

ausust scoreboard has been updates with the scores as of yesterdays date.

the wedding board has been updated with pictures of my wedding dress, another wedding dream, and some wedding traditions i was looking into. all this wedding stuff has my head in a whirl...

Woh!!! there's a quiz posted by Max in the Take the Quiz! board...check it out and earn some points!

on the general message board vi'sG has posted a quizilla quiz...must remember to do it.

so far that's all the updates i have. i'll keep you all posted if more information comes up. right now i'm not feeling so well so i'm not planning on posting anything. maybe i'll post something about tonight. it's time for our weekly get together on halo2...time for T.U.N.A. come and eat some my friends!
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