Monday, August 1, 2005

Earn Points Towards This Months Prize Giveaway!

August, 2005
Earn Points Towards This Months Prize Giveaway!
Current threads were you can earn some easy points towards this months prize giveaway!
August is almost gone...Tuna Challenge With ChadHappy B-Day RigidThe Big Numberi think from now on it would be a great idea to let members know where they can earn some points towards the prize of the month. i've noticed it's been hard for some people to figure out how they can earn points and i think this might make things a little less complicated. it's not always fun having to read through all kinds of messages just to earn some points. so i recommend that everyone check here once in a while for updates in that regard. i'm going to leave those posts open until the end of the month. keep an eye out for the updated scoreboard as i'll be updating it periodically till the end of the month. also this next month begins on Tuna Day so lets do our best to show up on time and get a good game night going....since it's the begining of the month i'll let a new challenger take me on for 1000 pts!....maybe i should do it so you have to go through the managers that show in order to get the points! that sounds much better to me.
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