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Wedding Favors

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no not the kind i end up doing for everyone in the whole wide world, but wedding favors....wait a min...(nevermind, that statment made more sense in my head)

i'm up to my nose in wedding sites. i've been looking through all kinds of wedding favors. i've run up and down maple street in downtown LA and have found nothing but shit! SHIT!!!!! i hate them all. the ones i do like are like 5 bucks a pop and like hell if i'm going to spend 375 on one wedding favor! now i'm doing my own of course so that'll save me loads on the cost, but i'm not sure what to do.

today i decided to look for something a little different. i searched for english wedding favor and came up with this on

it looks really cool and you can fit a few of your own little favors inside. the only things is that i can't really think of anything good to go inside that won't cost me crap loads of money. so here's what i thought of.

first i can gather my fillings myself and ship them off so they can stuff them. they'll charge .10 cents for each thing i fill it with. or i can have them send them assembeled and with one side open. that sounds like a better and cheaper idea to me.

so, what shall i fill it with. since i'm going to have bubbles and don't want to simply hand them out i figured i can put one of those little things in there along with 2-3 hersheys kisses and a thank you poem on a mini scroll or piece of parchment type velum paper and sprinkle with a little photo confetti. i'd never seen those before, but they seem really cool.

the confoti site seems to be the better deal. plus you can order those little sticker photo things (although they're cheaper at walmart). those would be knid of cool for the envelopes right? i mean either use those little sticker photo things to seal the envelopes or a wax seal with the initial S on it....or just lick the fuckers who cares!

okay, why the english crackers. well....rigid is english, i'm mexican and our guests...well, you can just imagine the motley of individual ethnicities, but that's not the point. the point is that it's going to be a pretty traditionally hispanic wedding from beggining to neighborhood is obviously hispanic. the priest is mexican and will be performing a traditional wedding ceremony....stupid lassos and coins and candles and all that crap...kneeling on a pillow and blah blah. all that means to me is that i'll be spending more money than i intended on the ceremony. but....*giggle* i think it'll be worth it in the end.

so... mexican/american bride, mexican priest, mexican wedding...mexican this and that (no mexican food) so i though i could get a little english in there. i did a search for english wedding favors and came up with that cracker you see up there. apparently these crafty little fuckers do these cracker things for partys and christmas. rigid said he once recieved a cracker with really expensive cufflinks in them. (wow) and they look so pretty i thought they would add a really nice touch to the table. i wish i could do my own because i know that would be less expensive, but i really don't feel like learning how to do them.

so here's my dilema, i'm not sure what to fill the suckers with....the dimensions are 2" by 3 1/2" so....any ideas?

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 7/20/2005 12:09 PM
here are a few other favors or pages that i'd like to keep in mind.



Ribbon Wands

Ribbon Wand Streamers

Custom made to match the colors of your wedding. The 12" white nylon wand is capped with six streamer ribbons (approx 11 inches each) in your choice of colors.

$1.00 each

Kissing Wands

You can ring for a kiss, or tap on a glass for a kiss...why not jingle for a kiss? The 12" white nylon wand is capped with six streamer ribbons (approx 11 inches each) in the colors of your choice and 2 jingle bells. Keep clanging and banging down at your reception. Simply wave this delicate wand for the bride and groom to kiss!

$2.00 each

i can get my own matchbooks printed at 100 for $25 and napkins at 100 for $25 if i wanted to and that's cheaper than any site i've seen. i really like the wand idea because i don't want anyone throwing confetti at me as i'm exiting the church. plus most places won't let you throw a single grain of rice so what's the point. AND it would look cute with everyone waving those things around as we leave. very whimsical.

the confetti cones would be fun to pass out to the kids at the reception....after dinner.

i was also thinking about doing programs for the reception, but the crackers will be enough i think. ...maybe...i dont know.

i also wanted to do placecards. one of the brokers i worked for left loads of business card boxes in my house. i could place a little thank you note on the front or a name to use as a place card. thing is that the boxes are a bit on the ivory side not white. the card i'll use will be either white with a silver stipe on the side or velum. but the velum cards don't show up as nicely as the white ones. eitherway, with a white, platinum and red color scheme i don't know if ivory place card holders would fit in....

not sure what to do there. I NEED HELP!!!!

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