Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Last Dance....

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From: Maharet_FB (Original Message) Sent: 7/20/2005 10:30 AM
our last dance class that is. yes, it's out last day of ballroom dance. i've enjoyed my time there so much. it was only 5 classes but we did learn quite a lot. i was really impressed with rigid and how quickly he learned. granted he's still a little stiff, but i think we'll be just fine for our wedding day just with what we learned. i'm really looking forward to the salsa dance classes were trying next. boy....i'm really preparing him for our wedding day aren't i? LOL

i figure it'll be fun. just the anticipation of having to dance with rigid in front of all those people makes me giggle. if i hadn't taken these classes i would have been crying after the first dance!!!!! lol and the salsa dance class will really come in handy. granted, i've actually danced with my family members whilst making fun of "those crazy white people taking salsa classes". we can pick them out of a crowd of a thousand people, but anything is better than having rigid dance around like a chicken with it's head cut off and someones foot in it's ass.

i'm not kidding. last year when i took him to mexico rigid got a little too excited. after i got done doing a little dance for him where he sat. he suddenly stood up and began to do some strange flamenco-broken leg-dying-chicken dance to some really great cuban music. i was so horrified i made him stop immediately....he then proceeded to try to throw me in the pool. it wasn't was funny, but the dancing wasn't funny. i've never really danced with him since. he's asked me a few times why i don't dance with him too....can't remember if i've ever told him. LMAO

anyhow, today we dance to the song we plan on dancing to at the wedding. and since it's the last day i'll try to take some pictures so i can share with you guys.

wish us luck!!!!!

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 7/21/2005 8:01 AM
well, that was it. last night was our last ballroom dance class. *sigh* it was fun while it lasted. in fact it was a blast and among one of the best experiences i've ever had. rigid did right by me in encouraging me to sign us up for that class. the whole experience was wonderful. theres a small bruise on my ankle from where he smashed his foot into mine taps! lol and my right toe is missing a fingernail from where i smashed my foot into his doing a biggie i can glue it back on! (i'm crafty like that) just kidding, my toes fine, but my ankle does hurt. i didn't even realize i'd bruised it. lol

we had so much fun last night. the class really wanted to learn how to dip their partners so we skipped one of the lessons the teacher was trying to give us and she showed us a few finishing moves to go along with it so were not doing the same stupid thing over and over on the dance floor. i do wish we could take another class just to get a few extra moves, but you should have seen rigids face when he saw the teacher turn a move consecutively. it looked really nice, and it's really easy, but his eyes bugged out. first thing out of his mouth was "there's no way. that's too hard honey. i'm gonna look like a cunt!" so i'm going to have to force him! LOL

ah!!! this has been so much fun!!!! i hope i'm able to post a couple of the pic's i took last night. there wasnt' time to take many and the one pic i got with my teacher was taken too far away cause that girl that took it was a moron....good thing though cause i look REALLY REALLY fat!!!! i have GOT to lose some weight before the wedding, but i can't seem to get myself to do anything....and this dancing thing is so easy i don't even break a sweat.

i'm going to have fun making nathan practice till the wedding day. i figure i'll have him memorize a routine for the first dance. this way he'll have a set of moves to do and he won't have to think as much. and if he gets as drunk as he's planning on getting he'll hopefully have it down so well that it'll be ingrained in his subconcious and the first dance will simply be the wonderful work of a mindless drunk idiot, though you could never tell. (did that sentence make more sense in my head?) lol

well...stay tuned for SALSA dance lessons. we take a break next week and start on Wed, Aug the 3rd. now this i'm really looking forward to. nathan tried doing that silly little chicken dance while messing around on the dance floor yesterday. i think i turned yai ai!!! that's mexican for argh!

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