Monday, January 2, 2006

Brood Monthly Drawing!!!!

January, 2006
Brood Monthly Drawing!!!!
you may have recieved the following message today if your on my friends list AND you have a profile set up on you didn't it's cause your already a brood member!

never used this thing before to contact gamers. usually go through my site, but i'm trying out something new! i'm going to start giving out points to people on my friends list. i've been running my site for 3 years now....well since xbox live came out and it's always been a very casual and fun environment. i give out prizes to a few of my friends every once in a while and this year i plan on giving a little something away each month.

so if your interested please join me for a game here and there and have your name automatically entered into my monthly drawing. each time you join me (maharet) or rigid raider your name will be entered into the pot. this means that if i were to play 7 days a week and you got the chance to play with me 7 days that week your name will be entered 7 times that it? it's easy see!

as far as i'm concerned so long as you show your face and ask me to enter your name it shall be never know. i may actually send something other than dirt! LOL

so have fun and maybe i'll see you tonight!

Maharet try to join my game and not send an invite to yours because chances are you'll end up with more people than you can handle in the room. i do try to make sure i get to everyone that wants to join so if your unable to join a room for any reason do keep trying and i'll do my best to include you! thanks for your understanding!

so if you got the message above, and a lot of people on my list don't actually have a private message option, and you actually make it to my site and my blog and......the message board DO let me know and i promise we'll have loads of fun. serious shit! lmao!!!
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