Sunday, January 1, 2006

This Week In MB

January, 2006
This week in Maharet's Brood
i've been gaming nearly every day this week to give people more chances to win the prize this month. it's been a lot of fun and i've had to add quite a few people to my list. the drawing is being held on the 19th and that's coming up in 1 week! hee heeeee. i know i'm silly, but i mean well. lol

little by little you'll start to see a few changes around the site. since my computer at home is so slow there's really not much i can do but check my site and my blog. i don't even have the time to check my emails and i certainly can't do that from work. i'm a bad host......ah well.

in addition to gaming each night i've been attempting to hone my skills at photography. i've come to realize that i suck really bad at it and i'll probably never be any good. BUT that won't deter me from trying. so keep an eye out on the home page for new slides. i'll be adding a few new ones of nothing but a bunch of crap....i like to share. lol

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