Friday, March 3, 2006

ChaosOmen Gaming Contract

I ran into this guys blog when I was just starting out on blogger. He had some pretty interesting things to say. His site didn't seem very big, but I really liked the articles so I linked it to my own. I check in on him periodically... mostly 'cause I'm nosy. LOL Anyhow, the otherday I ran across a message in which his girlfriend had refused him an Xbox 360. He was doing the right thing in discussing it first and though he was upset that they'd decided he didn't need one just now he put his head down and let it go... Begrudingly.

In his most recent blog he tells us about the wonderful surpirse his girlfriend gave him after he'd set up a cabinet. She bought him the 360 herself! But before she did he quickly signed his life away in a contract... Still, I'm pretty sure he'll live with it.

Check it out!

Xbox Live with ChaosOmen and ChaosOmen Fiance Agreement Contract: "9. ChaosOmen must not manipulate the system or try to change the rules of this contract at anytime, even in situations that MAY arise causing a bit of an inconvenience to him and his playing time. He must not pick apart any wording in this contract that may not be as thorough as he would've put it or stated it in a way that leaves an open door for him to change things around to make himself look better or to make the situation benefit him and only him.

10. ChaosOmen has to continue giving ChaosOmen�s Fianc� wonderful and positive compliments on how beautiful she is and what a wonderful person she is. This includes the continuation of giving her kisses on the forehead, growing a goat-ee for her if she so desires, and spendinq quality time with her during appropriates times.

11. If any of the aforementioned statements in this contract fall under violation it is up to the discretion of ChaosOmen�s Fianc� to pronounce accusation of said violation and impose the correct penalty of; a number of days of no Xbox 360; correction of the violation in question before returning to the Xbox 360; or incase of a violation of all aforementioned statements the Xbox 360 will be boxed up and put on Ebay with no reserve."

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