Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Revolution Review

Nintendo is coming out with a new system this thanksgiving. They aren’t disclosing the release period as of yet but aren’t planning on missing out on the year-end sale hoopla either. The president of Nintendo figures he needs to get it out to North America by thanksgiving because he otherwise would not receive support from the retail industry.Screw the industry we want a Nintendo Revolution! They’re working on a plan to allow Revolution owners to play old Nintendo & “third party” games. Now they didn’t and wouldn’t say so in the article I read but could this mean PS One, PS2 & Xbox games might actually be playable on the Revolution? I don’t know about you but I’m definitely intrigued especially if they’re planning on releasing it anywhere between $199 & $299.

That’s, of course, IF they mean third party games from other consoles currently out on the market. Not even there “virtual console” which allows you to download old Nintendo games online is going to entice me to buy this system. The downloadable games will be stored in the systems memory much like the Xbox. They’re also going to offer rentals and “all you can rent” deals with different payment options.

The games that may potentially be available for download range anywhere from Duckhunt on the NES, F-Zero on SNES and Goldeneye on the N64. Of course nearly every Mario Bro’s title you could, but wouldn’t want to think of. What does this mean to me? Absolutely fuck all because the only reason I’d buy the thing is if I could play all my PS One, PS2 and Xbox games.

To that I say hells yes mo’fo’s… Hells yes.


ChaosOmen said...

I hate to burst your bubble but the Revolution will never be able to play PS or Xbox games. Third party games are games designed by a third party that will create a game for all platforms. So you have to hope that thrid party devolopers will take the time to create a Revolution version of the game that you want. So you will never see Halo on a Revolution and you will never see Zelda on a Xbox. Unless one company goes under and the other buys the rights to the game.

Maharet said...

I KNOW, how stupid could I be!!! Still worth keeping an eye on this one I think.