Thursday, March 9, 2006

Xbox 360 Lounge Opens in Tokyo

IGN: Xbox 360 Menu Revealed: "Read IGN's Article here"

This is some fat bullshit. Why is it that Japan gets a "Lounge" to test out games in? I don't see them building a lounge here! In fact if memory serves me correctly the Xbox Dome that they had toteing around the country for a while sucked some fat balls too. Sorry, I'm not exactly being very professional here and... well, I'm not a professional so there you go. Not only do they get a nifty lounge to play in, but the Xbox 360's are supposed to be cheaper there too. So they get cheaper boxes and a lounge where they can sample games without fear of retribution. HUH?

Read on...
The Lounge opened up November 1st near the Omotesando shopping road in Tokyo. Now take a look at the actual event.: "Read IGN's Article here" I couldn't believe all the stuff they did over there.

Phff... I wouldn't want to go there anyway. All those cheesy "X" names they give all the food n stuff. 360 Yogurt and Bananna X Latte. And they go there so people won't make fun of them for playing Xbox Games. People are laughing my Japanese friends... People are laughing indeed.

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