Monday, April 10, 2006

Contributors Wanted!!

Looking for "contributors" to the Brood Blog on MB. At the moment I have Pumpo the Clown and Bluebear writing for the brood. I'd like to include more of the members from the old MB in addition to my GTP friends so if any of you guys are interested in writing about your lives as a gamer please let me know.

I'm going to ask Viol8r'sgirl if she could give us a look into life as a mom and gamer and see if Viol8r would like to participate as well. Also Spankingmonkey could give us great insight into the life of an overseas gamer. I'm trying to expand the Brood into something that's a little more than just another gamer community site and something with perhaps a little more grown up attitude.

I've never wanted MB to be just another girl gamer website or just the same old clan website. We all know it's never been about that and although we primarily have stuck to gaming at large I'd like to extend an invitation to everyone that would like to help me make this "experiment" much more than the billions of other sites already out there.

I'd like The Brood on MB to be synonymous with the word family. Not that we'll be G rated mind you (in fact far from it). Just in that worker bee kind of way... or like the cicada's that come out of their little burrows to infest the world at large... I want that to be our site.... Creeping along the sidewalks, slamming into people's cars, trying to burrow into peoples heads in an effort to spawn more little broodsters!!!! muahahaha, I can see it all now!!! I know Viol8rsgirl knows what I mean. LOL

I hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks as usual.

Lots of love,


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