Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Today in The Brood Blog

Some very cool people have joined us on the Brood Blog and I'm very happy to announce them to you all today. Turbo TaTas bluebear1979 vi0l8rssgirl Voodoodaddy

Were still waiting for a few others and I can't wait until they join. Until then Bluebear, Turbo and Vdaddy have brought us some really great articles so I hope you guys read them and give them your thoughts.

My wife (the game hater?) by Bluebear

Now is the time that I write about the reason I am here. If you read my first entry, you would know that I am married to a woman who, for the most part, hates video games. Sure, she may play a game here or there, but overall she hates them. Read More.

People Watching by TurboTatas

So today I go to my doctor's appointment, which is always a fun time to people watch. Little did I know I'd get an eye full. As I walk in, first thing I notice is the sofa that is right across from the receptionist's desk. There is a woman, pretty prego, sloched on the couch with her feet spread almost the entire way across the waiting area. As I go to... Read More

I tell you what! by Voodoodaddy

You know, something that's entertaining to me?Playing video games.Now, who in their right mind wouldn't like to excersize their hand eye coordination? This helps me everyday. Like when I eat, if it wasn't for video games, just think of where the fork may end up?On the serious side of the subject, I love games. The thing that really suckered me into throwing quarters in at the arcade were fighting games. I started immediatley on Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat. I loved these games growing up, I used to skip school to go play them. I was maybe Read More
And of course a new one by me.
Grief, Loss & Ephelants by Maharet
I feel like there’s an elephant sitting on my chest. I’ve named him Charlie. Charlie sits right above my boobs and just under my throat. Feels like he’s cutting the circulation to my brain so I’ve been dizzy. Sometimes Charlie goes away and I feel really really good. I’m really happy when he’s gone. Of course Rigid seems to coax Charlie out more often than anyone in my entire life has. Charlie’s a bad bad ephalent. We don’t like Charlie. No… we don’t. Charlie makes me break things. Like nails and plates n stuff. Last week Read More
I hope you guys take the time to read and enjoy the stories of these and, hopefully soon, other gamers on Xbox Live and beyond.
Thanks to all.
Get your game on!!!

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