Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Where'd the Comments Go?

Looks like I had some strange settings on blogger and no new comments were allowed on new posts until new post had been posted... nya? Well I've since fixed that problem, but blogger is taking it's sweet ass time getting it updated. So please be patient and you'll soon be able to leave comments on new posts.... If you are so inclined.

I've also updated all Brood Blogs and Pages to send a message to my Gmail account when I receive a comment. This way if anyone decides to leave me a message in some really obscure corner of the Brood I'll actually know about it and not find out 3 months later... That's nice. :)

And I'll be using my Gmail account for personal email... so jot it down.


bluebear1979 said...

hello beautiful...i will have to jot down the "g"-mail address somewhere i can remember. anyway, my new post will be coming tomorrow...most likely after a fit of rage that comes from the depths of hell that is my wife and my neverending battle over why playing video games doesnt necesarily mean that im juvenile and immature. maybe one day it will happen.....maybe.

Maharet said...

ooooh that's a good one! i can't wait to read it. LOL