Tuesday, June 6, 2006


I was going through the blogs on GTP. I like sorting through the really good ones and the really bad ones and re-visiting the good bloggers here and there. This particular blogger wasn't exactly thrilling. He barely wrote more than a few words in fact. I skimmed down to his 6/5/6 post and noticed the title. Imogen Heap...This sounded interesting. He described it as his " new most amazingly beautiful song in the world! I'll upload it now and put it onto my intro so go look!" so I went to his intro to LOOK. It's definitely different, but I haven't been able to stop listening to it since I clicked on his intro so I decided to do a review. :)

I really like it. Not just the amazing song, which really won't suit people without varied musical taste, but his intro is really great too. It's so perfect and simple and ...well done! Okay, the little boxes at the bottom and the music player look a little out of place, but I love the way his links view. Looks like you need a flash player for it. I don't know anything about that sort of thing but it looks like he put a lot of effort while making it seem that he didn't put any effort into it at all.

I've learned a lot about AdverseGecko. He sings in his own "5 piece melodic rock band" and has been the #1 Youth Artist in the UK since 2004! That's amazing. You can check his site out at www.l-i-c.co.uk. I haven't seen it yet, but I may check it out in a bit. He's a busy boy though because he's got another band that you can read up on at www.myspace.com/anythingbutaholes. Yes, strange name, but you know the youth of today! This is sickening! He has his own business. At www.andazi.com they'll help you design a website or something like that. I didn't get into it too much...but it's purdy. :)

Well, I'm off to find out all I can about Imogen Heap because I'm completely melted. Thanks AdverseGecko!!! You're my new best friend! Now if only I could find someone to buy me the CD. LOL


ChaosOmen said...

I love the way her voice seems to melt into the music. I read that Imogen Heap sold her house and everything to make that album. True music.

Maharet said...

i know. it's wonderful. :)