Friday, June 9, 2006

Freakstyles 360

I think the first thing I'd like to mention is that this GTP member is just 16 years old. What's with all these kids being great at html, css and all those other web design thingies? Well, we knew it was going to happen didn't we. So while I get over these wonderful feelings of insufficiency I'll move on to his lovley blog. Like me, he also doesn't keep his main blog on GTP. He's got a domain name called LigerExpress I don't know what that means and I don't want to know because it's his blog I want to discuss.

First I love the 360 background. It's nice and clean... Everything matches so It really makes me feel like he's gone to a great deal of effort to make everything look it's best. Like many gamer bloggers out there he's got a games review system, but I think it's really original... Unless there's something I don't know that is. I like his ratings system and I think when he fine tunes it it'll be really great.

Here's what really suckerd me in on his intro though, "I'm a writer and spur-of-the-moment journalist, though most thoughts go unshared simply because I lack an audience." Aaaaw, that just makes me sad, but I know with a little effort he could get a nice audience going right? This is why GTP is such a great tool. I say use it Freakydeeky! Post a little summary of your blog with a link to it on GTP, how else will we know you've posted a new blog on your original site? Dur!

Now Freak isn't just about game reviews folks. No he's insightful too..."according to this site, the ideal woman is not found. Rather, she is manufactered. Call me old fashioned, but I find the concept of “training your woman” insulting. I don’t think either gender is particularly partial to canine training regiments, so I’d sincerely hope that any man looking for the ‘ideal’ woman steer clear of such articles." Any boy that has such nice things to say about the opposite sex must have a very healthy outlook on life. Very intelligent words for a 16 year old don't you think. Even more intelligent than some men I know. (Note to self...must print post for husband to read today...must make him conform to Freaks standards of malehood.)

Keep up the great work Freek-o-rama! And let us know when you put up another blog!

Flawed Thought


ChaosOmen said...

You know the Flawed Thought is a wordpress blog right? All you have to do it change the theme or create your own. Pretty easy stuff.

Freakstylez said...

Chaos, what's the difference? I still had to put the theme together. Sheesh.

And Maharet, "LigerExpress" is due to be changed as soon as I can spare $12. So, basically, never. :(

ChaosOmen said...

Don't get me wrong Freak I think your site is awsome. I was just letting Maharet know that it wasn't PHP from the ground up. You have to admit that wordpress it pretty easy once you figure it out.