Thursday, July 27, 2006

About Maha

Maharet LOVES to talk about herself in the 3rd person because she thinks she's really funny and no one has the heart to tell her.... mmm Not so much. She doesn't care though which is why she continually spews her guts out on her many blogs. She blogs about RidigRaider, her 2nd and current husband, because they met on Xbox Live and she still thinks it's hilarious. Yeah, she can't stop talking about the kooky way they met, how they got together and eventually were married. In fact she won't shut up about all the trouble they're having and strife they're going through.... Like we want to hear about it. Phff!
Again, she doesn't care because she'll always write. Maharet has been keeping a journal from a very young age, and got used to having her inner most feelings read by others when she found out her sister and mother were sneaking her diary away from her room to read it. The bastards, but they didn't know she knew you see and she wrote HORRIBLE things in it just to piss them off. It was great. She hopes they cried, but Maha knows that they mostly laughed at lines like, "I kissed Andy today..." ect.
Maha has lived a very strange life. Her ex-husband PumpotheClown is a very strange person... Together they shared some very strange experiences, BUT I won't discuss those here. You'll have to read the Bloggers link for those. If they come up that is. Maybe she'll discuss those stories in Concrete Backyard. She likes to talk about her life so much that she's probably going to start going back....way way back into the past. Back to the beginning as she saw it. She won't care how other people remember things, the only thing that will matter will be her experiences and nothing more. A Concrete Backyard is a work in progress and hopefully will start coming together soon.
At the moment she's supposed to be studying for a big exam she has to take to advance her career in the financial industry. It's not as fancy as it sounds. All she's doing is taking an exam that if she passes would make her a "Registered Sales Assistant" instead of a plain old Sales Assistant and all that means is that she can buy and sell trades not actually give financial advice. I believe that would earn her a $.10 or $.50 cent raise. I spit on that! *spitooey!* It's better than nothing though so I'll just give her a swift kick in the ass so she can get a move on and pass this exam!!! It's very difficult to study for and it's very hard to concentrate on when all she can think about is Xbox Live, Gamertagpics Friends and Maharet's Brood...her favorite things in the whole wide world aside from her husband of course.
Rigid and Maha are also trying really hard to conceive. They miscarried last year and haven't gotten pregnant since. She thinks this is probably one of the things that's driving her most insane, but she's really trying to get a grip and not let that rip her life apart. She's torn between the idea of having a family at all costs and the reality that having a family costs a lot. You'll come to find that Maha's life is a constant struggle...constantly. Life is what you make of it though and she knows that and tries very hard to always keep that in mind. Still... a trip to the Dr. before the end of next month will be required before continuing on her life long journey.
Either that or a trip to the looney bin. In the meantime she's going to continue her videogaming lifestyle as much as possible. Right now she's trying to figure out a nice healthy balance between studying, blogging, fighting with Rigid and video gaming. Not an easy task especially when she just wants to take photographs of anything and everything around her.
Get in touch with her:
She's easy enough to get in touch with at GTP or You can send her a text or MM message at 323 580 8459. You can send her money too if you want just email her and she'll send you her mailing address. She's really poor... okay well not really. WHAT??? Everyone asks for money nowadays why can't she be a beggar too???
Also if you do have a cell phone and you'd like to contribute to her Mobil Blog drop her a line. She'll be happy to walk you through the process of Mobil Blogging. It's easy as hell and super fun. You can leave Audio messages, pictures and text.

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