Thursday, July 27, 2006

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I wanted to shoot off a quick post before I got my day started today, but I had nothing to write about. Unless you want to hear my whining about how I'm starting to completely lose control of my emotions and my sanity. I may start medication soon. LOL BUT on to more important things. I just ran into Cheese 18's intro and stumbled onto his blog. It's actually really nice. When he really starts to get into it his post really flows. He seems like a really nice guy and I really can't believe he's from Switzerland. I don't think I've met anyone from Switzerland yet....

Here are some of my fav blogs written by Cheese:

Paranoia Apparently some silly kid really got his goat when he called him a pedophile. You know, I love juicy gossip like this and I really wish I knew who this kid...just to be evil. I guess it's a good thing he didn't tell us because I can totally see people going over to this kids profile to harass him. Honestly I don't even know why kids that young are allowed to play some of the games on Live, but you know, that's just another story.

My science project This story was strange...first his toenail turns black and falls off and then he's talking about Swiss folklore. If I understand it correctly he was broadcasting from ... some where in Switzerland for this strange Swiss celebration (hokey people I tell ya...j/k Cheese! LOL) and his toe froze quite literally to death. FUCKING GROSS!!!

I'm melting... It's really scary when you hear people all the way on the other side of the globe complaining about the same heat your going through. It's been really tough for all of us here in the states...especially me. I feel all gooey and icky all the time. I've had headaches for days on end and I can't concentrate on my studies. Waaaaah! It sucks ass....but you know what really sucks ass worse? THIS DOES: "The permafrost in the Alps is melting (the ice in the rock fissures), and we have big stone avalanches that have already killed people. It's called "permafrost" because it's supposed to be permanent. It's NOT supposed to be melting." Now that's what Mrs. Zamees would call "nervouse".

What's a flop? Hey....I liked Superman too and I didn't think it was a flop. People are stupid. I completely agree with Cheese here, you shouldn't be swayed by the box office hype. It doesn't mean anything. All it means is that the companies that put out the movies make money faster off of YOU.

No sports! (i'm swiss) I agree with Cheese on this one...Working out sucks. NEVER WORK OUT! Just die fat and happy. That's exactly what I plan on doing. That and with a cigarette in my hand. No, I know I quite smoking, but you know what? No one is going to care if I actually get to 70 and start smoking again...No one could blame me. LOL

Okay, that was all but I'm really looking forward to more posts from Cheese....HAHAHAHA Swiss Cheese!!!!! I GOT IT.....OMG that's hilarious!!!! *ahem* I'm going insaaaaaaaaaaane!!!!!!!

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