Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blogger Beta

Well, I decided to try out this newfangled Blogger Beta verion out because I get the sinking suspision that all my blogger dreams will soon be realized. I've been waiting for a "categories" system to come out... I was contemplating switching to another system because of that... I'm sick of writing blogs in different pages only to have them all scattered on my site then having to STILL post them to the main page. I say if you missed it you missed it! Damn you all to hell!!! Just kidding. I love you.... I do. :)

Anyway, I just came home from court, signed on to GTP to check my messages and poof... I'm blogging on a new blog. I'll have to change the title of course, but All in time my pretties... All in time. Now... let's see what this blogger blog thingy can do shall we?

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