Friday, August 25, 2006

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Now you know that something caught my attention if I'm not studying right now. I decided to read a couple of new blogs to see if I could find anything worth reading and well... Paydirt. Enter Moltenluv. Her intro is cute with little minkys displayed all over the place. You'll also find a video clip of a monkey performing tricks on skates. Yeah... skates. Very silly stuff but it does give you a bit of insight into this lovley girl. She's got a gazillion cats and you know that I'm a sucker for cat lover! There's even someone with a cat t-shirt on in one of her pictures so that one cat loving family.

I'd love to see one of her other pictures displayed on the main profile page because she looks so very pretty in natural light. One of my fav picturs is the one where she's holding an Xbox controller and that's what it's all about after all. When you visit her profile page you'll see that she's got a good sense of humor and you'll want to know more about her. This is when you'll run across her blog. It's a regular blog like everyone else's, but she does make it a bit more interesting with silly little pictures at the end of all her posts. Some of her most recent titles include Horray for sleep!, Attack of the cricket, Psycho's on live ... by the way Molten, when receiving death threats on Xbox live (I get them all the time...not.) take down the gamertag and report it to Xbox live directly. That and tell all your friends who the jerk off is and let them have some fun too. :) hint hint...

Okay, I know you guys see right through me yeah, it's unlikley I'll get hooked on someone's blog over the fact that they finally got some rest or because they're kitties, cute as them must be, played with a cricket. Although I must admit I could totally envision these cats jumping around like... well, like scaredy cats. You know what I like to read though. I like to read about life. No, I don't want to know that you chewed 25 pieces of gum in 2 hrs, yes... I've actually read a blog about gum chewing, and I don't want to read about the irrational number of grocery lists you've collected (actually I love that website but I don't want to read about it. ) because it's all garbage. I like reading blogs that make me go, "Woh...I know what this person is feeling." or, "Girlfriend! Get another man!" because we all know men are pigs. Right? No offence to you guys here on GTP. (I'm laughing right now.)

And you thought no one was going to read your post Moltenluv! What to do..... left me feeling angry and sad. It shocks me to hear about women having these types of problems, but it happens so much more than we know. How many women go through life having to deal with these types of problems? Paying your credit card bills are your responsability, but when your husband doesn't let you work what are you supposed to do? Your car is being run into the ground, but you never actually drive it anywhere. You've suddenly found yourself in the middle of your life and you have NO friends because your husband won't let you or maybe doesn't like any of them. He buys himself nice things and you end up with nothing. Let me tell you something. If I had let my husband have his way I would be in the same boat. I'm not saying that my husband is a horrible person because he's FAR from that. He works like an animal to help us pay our bills, put food on the table and takes us out to nice restaurants each and every month, BUT if I had let him he would have had complete and total control over everything I do. What friends I have, what things I buy and where or how I spend my free time.

I remember a long time ago when he told me that he didn't want me to work and that when we have children I'll have to stay home and take care of them. You know what I told him? "Go fuck yourself. I'll do what I want you moron!", that's what I told him. Yeah, it was fucked up and mean, but it was the truth and he had a knack for giving it to me straight so I did the same. The whole shit talking did get out of hand and I did get out of control when I was physical with him which is why I'm seeking help for that now, but that's an entirely different issue. The fact remains that had I let him have his way I would be a submissive woman. I'm not saying Moltenluv is submissive. NOT AT ALL... We simply don't know everything about her situation, but I'm hoping that she'll keep us updated because I'm really intrigued. She said it herself, she goes through so much crap with this guy she could write about it every single day... it sounds like there's a lot she needs to get off her chest and I wanted to let her and everyone out there know that we're here to listen.

I'm going to give you a little background on me. When I was in College, yeah... I did College *shocker*, my ex-husband ended up in the hospital with a horrible case of appendicitis. I finished off that semester while I took care of his open wound for the next few months. He didn't work and I only worked part time as a tutor. I tried to finish off the next semester, but the stress from our credit card bills, the $80,000 hospital bill and school was really getting to me. I quit school and stayed depressed for the next few months. We claimed bankruptsy and I ended up getting a shitty job as a personal secretary. All the credit card debt was in my name and it was only around $9000. The years passed by and we eventually got divorced. Not because we didn't love each other, but because we loved each other too much to continue lying. I want children and as much as he wanted to give them to me he didn't want that for himself. Now I'm with another man, he drives me nuts but I love him dearly, and were really trying to make things work. I still have the bankruptsy in my name and my exhusbands $80,000 debt doesn't show on my credit report. The only thing that shows is that I have a bankruptsy for a meager $9000 and because of that I have shit credit. I'm still paying off my car which is still under my ex-husbands name and therefore have given him amazing credit, don't ask me how that worked out because I have no idea. My bankruptsy is coming off in two more years, that means that I STILL can't buy a house with the crappy credit score I have. It's been on my report for 8 years!!! Looking back on it I should NEVER have claimed my credit card bills on the bankruptsy. I should have sucked it up, gotten a job and given them $20 a month until I could afford to give them more and if they didn't like it they could take me to court and I could go and explain to the judge why I could only give $20 a month. It's when you don't give them anything that they'll take matters further.

Thing is Molten, you shouldn't blame your husband for not paying your bills. He's a jerk for not paying them when he said he would that's for sure, and in a court of law they're going to go after HIS income IF you guys are married of course and if your not then you're in deep doodoo, but when it comes right down to it you should have gotten a job a long time ago. Not just to pay your own bills, but to keep your life independent from someone else. You should NEVER have to rely on someone to help you survive and the fact that he's "not letting you" do something isn't an excuse in this day and age. No one "let's" you do anything. You do what you want and when you want. If he wants to jump on board great, if he doesn't... there's the door. Nothing is going to change unless you MAKE IT change.

I hope you keep in touch and keep us posted with your lovley stories and beautiful face. Good luck to you in the future and most importantly KEEP BLOGGIN'! :)

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