Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Every once in a while I come across a gem on gamertagpics and I get so excited that I ramble on and on about someone else's blog. It's so much fun to read the interesting things that other people around the world have to say and I love to share my experiences with the rest of the community. I instantly liked it because of the quick reviews that he's given a few games. The reviews are short and pretty much to the point. He likes it.. he doesn't like it and why. Here are a few of those posts to check out:

Who are the real zombie
Game round up
Mariorobotnik Dude... I honestly don't know how (although I've read and re-read it) you got to Dr. Robotnik from Mario...

Now for the posts that really have me hooked. It seems that Batman has a few furry critters that come and visit him from time to time and he's started keeping track of their visits. Meet Black & White cat, Orange kitty, Tiger kitty and The Raccoon...too bad he didn't take pics of the Raccoon. That would have been hilarious!

My cat....kind of
Cats and kittens
Damn raccoon

I do however have one suggestion and for the love of God, and the sake of my eyes, I hope he reads this. No more dark blue posts PLEASE! With a black background it's really hard to read and hurts the eyeballs. I would say that if he's trying to make his readers differentiate between a regular old post and say a game related post he could probably try a lighter color blue. Personally I like the black background with white letters. Easy on the eyeballs. Also, I LOVED the pictures because they added a really nice touch to his story and really drew me in, but in one of the earlier posts the pics were too big which left me feeling like I HAD to scroll over to see the whole picture properly. It's easy to make your picture smaller by simply grabbing the edge and shrinking it down a bit to fit the page better.

Other than those few very minor details (which I tend to see more and more on a lot of people's blogs... in fact I may change the color of my font too just in case!!!) BATMAN GOTHAM's blog was brilliant!

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