Friday, August 18, 2006

GTP's Iron Tsar Blog

I ran across Iron Tsar's blog... well I can't remember. I probably just happened to run across his blog and liked what I read. I've been following it for the past week now and he's always got a little something interesting to say. I've really enjoyed reading his posts and laughing my ass off to his quick witted and quirky sense of humor. He's got a sharp tongue and he's not afraid to use it so please be sure to drop by his blog for a visit and something good to read.

Procrastinations and pr
This post had me cracking up all the way. In Stupidity reigns eternal (Stupidity reigns eterna) he made an offhand remark about ADD which of course left me no choice but to leave him a nasty comment.... I didn't really leave him a nasty comment, I wouldn't have had the heart, but I did mention that people may not react well. This post was his response to that.

The fall of british manners :
Apparently some old lady's were rude to him at a bank and he had something to say about that as well... Tsar, do you ever really not have something to complain about and does this sentence actually make any sense? Remember that I'm on drugs damn it! LOL

Now no hand luggage...
I agree, not being able to take hand luggage with you in an airplane is a little silly, but wow if this isn't opinionated I don't know what is, "all this wouldnt have happened if the worlds political leaders werent such retards. china had it right recently when america through a tantrum about north korea testing nuclear weapons - "its their country they can do whatever the hell they want, and who the hell are you to complain cos you already have them". and lets face it theres nobody more dangerous than a lunatic
american bigot with mental faculties that monkeys can mock.

but hey all this shit is cos of old president monkey-boy anyway, though the fact that the cheshire cat the mentally challenged over here keep voting back in as prime minister did nothing to try and stop him probably didnt help matters."

I love his writing style it's smart, funny and hell... anyone that can use existentialism in a sentence AND knows what it means has to be good right?

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