Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm Not A Geisha Dancer

Originally uploaded by Maharets Brood.

I feel compelled to explain the photographs that I post to my blogger, but really it's unnecessary. I took the picture, I loaded it to flickr months ago and I'm in the mood to write so... Here I am. Though what I'm in the mood to write is beyond me.

I've not taken my medication today just yet. I'm not planning on taking it until around 9am. I've noticed that I'm still getting home tired and listless so I don't want to do anything. What's the point then? I'm also noticing that I'm a little more emotional. I was chatting with my friend last night and as usual we talked for hours. Neither one of us did anything productive. We just talked. We don't do it very often, but when we do it's for far too long. Like drain your batteries on your phone long.

There's always so much to share, so much to get off your chest. It was fun. Now I'm trying to write a little before I get my day started and I feel like all the creativity has been sapped from my brain. I've felt that way for months. Ah well...who cares. So... why the title? I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA thank you very much.

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